Top 5 Trading Rules For 2014


Thanks to social media platforms and trading technologies, more people are now interested in becoming avid traders. However, most of them find the information provided online pertaining to how to become a good trader and how to cut your losses too confusing. New traders look for ways they can learn trading quickly, set up their charts and start bringing in the money.

However, you just can’t become a millionaire overnight and to even begin making a bit of money trading, it is crucial that you understand some really important rules which have been a source of guidance for many new and professional traders alike. Thus, it is important to understand each rule and to adhere to it and remember trading is a passion. It is not simply a day job. If you want to become a successful trader, you need to start taking things seriously.

Mentioned below are some of the top five rules for traders this year. Take a look at them and try to understand them and incorporate them in your trading style and attitude:

Rule # 1

Always Have a Trading Strategy Read & Tested

A trading plan or strategy is basically a set of rules traders abide by when they enter or exit a market. It is a time-consuming task but because of the technology available today you can easily form an idea and test it right then and there before risking any of your real money. There are trading simulation programs which are designed to help traders decide which trading strategies to use and which not to use. Once your idea is tested and proves useable, you can implement it in a real market and if you see it is successful, stick to it.

Rule # 2

Use the Trading Technology to Your Benefit

If you are stepping into the world of finance and trading, it is important to know it is indeed a dog eat dog world. This also means that when it comes to making money while trading, everybody is going to be using everything they have available in their trading arsenal, which mainly includes trading software. For example, you can use a number of different historical charting applications prior to risking any money. Plus, traders these days use smartphones and tablets to conduct their trade which means they use an array of applications which provide them worldwide financial news, different tickers and trade notifications, anywhere and at anytime. So, start using financial technology and applications.

Rule # 3

Learn About the Markets

It is important to stay up to date with the financial market. As a trader you must learn everything there is about the financial markets. Even professional traders keep learning from daily experiences. Think of it as a never-ending quest for knowledge which can make you more money than before. Nothing is truer than the fact that all successful traders engage in back to back research, for example, they read economic reports, observe different trends and seek reasons for their movements, etc. Understanding the markets is the key here.

Rule # 4

Use a Stop Loss

A stop loss is basically a forecasted estimation of the risk trader can handle with every trade he makes. A stop loss amount can be identified by either a number or a percentage and can limit a trader’s ability to trade more than he can risk. Stop loss usage eliminates emotional trading and lets you make calculated decisions.

Rule # 5

Keep All Your Trades in Perspective

At the end of the day, it is important to understand that trading is a game where the person with the best information wins and sometimes loses. Losing a trade should never be taken as something personal. Similarly winning a trade should always be considered as a stepping stone towards greater success because the difference is always made by the cumulative profits you earn. Always be realistic with your trades and never even think about revenge trading if you lose a trade.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are some of the best rules you can abide by regardless of whether you are a new trader or a veteran. Follow these rules religiously and you will attain success.