Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Investors and Traders


With the arrival of the iPhone in the market, it became clear how revolutionized mobile phone technology is and above all, how it has completely changed people’s lives. And if you are a trader or an investor, it is advised that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to further your trading success by getting the most powerful iPhone applications designed for traders.

The Ten Best Applications for Investors & Traders

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an amazing application which provides traders the latest and relevant news pertaining to the stock market. You can use the Bloomberg application for iOS to surf through various quotes, stocks, graphs, commodities, indices, Forex analysis and quotes, etc. The Bloomberg application is for serious investors need to stay up to date with what’s going in the market no matter where they are or what they are doing.

2. Stock Alerts

Stock Alerts is a brilliant app for keeping a close watch on the stocks on your interest list. The application instantly notifies you when a stock gets to a specific price you have set. You can use Stock Alerts to receive notifications whenever your price matches the market buy or sell price without you having to staring at your laptop screen, waiting for that to happen.

3. FS Viewer 

FS Viewer allows you to locate the financial statement and ratios of the companies you are willing to invest in and it does that rather quickly and neatly. What’s so cool about FS Viewer is that it provides traders and investors the historical financial ratios of companies which date back 6 years. Most applications provide you just the historical finance statement and ratios, well, not this app. It’s perfect for you.

4. iTrade Stock Market Simulator

No trader knows how his strategy and tactics will play out in the market. iTrade Stock Market Simulator considerably aids traders with this problem by simulating your strategies with paper money and in real-time. This way, you don’t have to worry about wasting a cent on anything and get to test your stock market strategies, killing two birds with one stone.

5. Analyst Rating Tracker

Stock analyst ratings can be an important addition to an investor’s analysis toolbox. The Analyst Rating Tracker is an amazing application that gives traders and investors fast and simple access to stock market ratings, ratings which an investor cannot depend on unless he combines it with a plethora of evaluative tools.

6. Financial Calculator

This is an easy application for conducting complicated financial measurements and calculations. The Financial Calculator can help you with bond valuations, cash flow analysis, net present value, amortizations, interest calculations, etc. To calculate a company’s net value, all you have to do is punch in the data and you will get an almost instant result.

7. Yahoo Finance

Before you get this application, it is useful to remember that Yahoo Finance focuses on only the US markets. The application has a variety of features. including live news alerts, stock screeners, quotes, charts, company financial statements, analysis and evaluations.

8. StockTwits

Investors can use this application to measure and determine what other investors in the market think about the stock they are following. StockTwits also searches for all the tweets relevant to the stock you are interested in. It also allows you to communicate with other investors, gets you the latest in financial news, and also fetches you the relevant charts and videos pertaining to your stock.

9. Risk Manager

This application significantly aids investors in quickly determining the number of shares you need to purchase or sell so you can better manage the risk associated with your investment. For example, using the application, you may realize that you should reduce your potential loss and counter it with a particular stock that is roughly 2% of your investment portfolio size. Moreover, you may also consider forgoing the stock if goes down by 10% from your buying price. In essence, the Risk Manager allows you to avoid being overexposed to a particular stock.

10. Economy

The Economy application is great for getting the latest updates from highly viable sources like the Federal Reserve and or the Department of Treasury. It keeps you up to date with how things are going in the economy. Knowing about the economy is the foundation of any company’s success and this application helps you determine everything about the economy.

So, if you wish to succeed and become consistent with your success in the stock market, it is important that you get some or all of these applications. They can really aid you in making calculated decisions and avert major risks.