Saxo To Host Second #TradingDebates in London’s British Museum


The second of Saxo’s #TradingDebates series, where the online trading and investment community gather to discuss the future of trading, is taking place at London’s British Museum on April 30th.

On the agenda for the event will be a series of debates centring around topics such as the future of trading, the upcoming EU Parliament elections,  global economic growth, and crypto currencies.

The discussions will feature inancial experts and thought leaders from the investment community to discuss the following issues:

  • How will geopolitical risks change the global energy equation?
  • Is the European project dead?
  • Can China derail the global economic recovery?
  • Will crypto currencies emerge as a real alternative to traditional foreign exchange?

Speaking at the event will be some of the biggest names in the trading and investment industry, including:

  • Lars Seier Christensen, co-CEO and co-founder of Saxo Bank.
  • Allister Heath, Editor of CityAM
  • Matteo Cassina, Global Head of Institutional Business at Saxo Bank
  • Manus Cranny, European Markets Anchor at Bloomberg
  • Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank
  • Will Pearson, Director, Global Energy & Natural Resources at Eurasia Group
  • David Birch, Consultant at Consult Hyperion
  • Rune Bech, Chief Digital & Communications Officer at Saxo Bank.
  • Izabella Kaminska, from FT Alphaville
  • Nick Beecroft, Senior Market Analyst at Saxo Bank.
  • George Magnus, Independent Analyst and Former Chief Economist at UBS.
  • John Hardy, Head of FX Strategy at Saxo Bank

The event kicks off at 2pm, with opening remarks from Saxo Bank co-CEO Lars Seier Christensen at 2.30pm. This will be followed by a lecture and discussion on the topic of social trading, covering issues such as :

  • Can social trading democratise the way people trade?
  • Power networks – will they transform the way we trade and invest?
  • Social trading vs. dealer chatrooms – can open networks improve performance?
  • Can institutional players keep up with the speed in which technology is developing in the retail space? (The case of Monitor 110)
  • To what extent does dark liquidity offset the added transparency created by open networks?

Attentions turn at 3.20pm to the topic of Geopolitical risk and the energy markets, with a debate between Saxo’s Head of Commodity Strategy Ole Hansen and the Eurasia Group’s Director of Global Energy and Natural Resources, Will Pearson. Topics covered include:

  • What is the biggest geopolitical risk for energy markets in 2014?
  • What role will the US play as the 21st century’s petrostate?
  • What will be the impact on Russian gas if Europe turns to the US for its energy supply?
  • Will Iran have a significant impact on energy supply and prices?
  • What The Frack: Is it time for Europe to join the fracking revolution?

After a break for coffee, proceedings will resume with a debate between Lars Seier Christensen and CityAM Deputy Editor Allister Heath on the subject of the European Union and its future. They will be addressing questions such as:

  • Is the European Union a failed project?
  • Can European leaders restore democracy in a region beset by social conflict?
  • How will the European elections shape Europe’s future?

Then, at 4.40pm, Saxo Bank’s Senior Market Analyst Nick Beecroft will be doing battle with George Magnus, an independant consultant and former advisor to UBS, on the following issues:

  • Are the twin locomotives of US and China strong enough to pull the disabled Euro train out of the station?
  • Monetary policy – will the BOE be the first major central bank to tighten, just as the ECB finally eases again?
  • Are Chinese debt mountains and its shadow banking system a prelude to another, even bigger, financial crisis?
  • As the Fed tapers, will the flow of hot money from fragile developing countries become a torrent?

The day rounds off at 5.10pm with a panel discussion of crypto currencies between Izabella Kaminska (FT Alphaville), Sean Park (Founder of Anthemis Group), Steven Englander (Currency Strategist at Citigroup) and David Birch (Consultant at Consult Hyperion). On the agenda will be questions such as:

  • Will alternative currencies come out of the shadow banking system and into the mainstream?
  • Are crypto currencies, like Bitcoin, safe alternatives to fiat money?
  • Why have investors shunned most electronic currencies? What implications do cyber-attacks have on currency risk management?
  • Should cryptocurrency transactions and profits be taxed?
  • Will the emergence of cryptocurrencies force government-backed fiat currencies to innovate?

Also at the event, Saxo will be demonstrating their new social trading platform. This platform is the first of its kind to combine multi-asset social and copy trading with industry resources, news and insights, and influential information from around the social web.

Registration for the event is free – simply visit Saxo’s #TradingDebates website and fill in your details. Saxo are also offering the chance to win an iPad mini by tweeting #tradingdebates before April 30th.