Saxo Bank Reaches Historic Milestone, Surpassing More than USD 100 billion in Client Assets

Saxo Bank announces a significant milestone as it surpasses USD 100 billion in client assets. This remarkable achievement underscores Saxo Bank’s growth in the number of both clients and deposits, and solidifies its position as a leading financial provider amidst a challenging macro-economic environment.

Saxo Bank Reaches Historic Milestone, Surpassing More than USD 100 billion in Client Assets
Saxo Bank Reaches Historic Milestone, Surpassing More than USD 100 billion in Client Assets

Passing USD 100 billion in client assets is yet another record-breaking milestone in the three decades since Saxo Bank was founded. It took 25 years to reach the USD 20 billion milestone, and less than five years after that to increase the key metric five-fold and surpass the USD 100 billion mark.

Saxo Bank’s commitment to transparency and client-centricity sets it apart from its peers and has been a key driver in growing client assets over the past year, as central banks have hiked interest rates across major markets. Unlike many other banks and brokers, Saxo Bank promptly passes on rate hikes to its clients, ensuring that they benefit from the increased interest rates automatically, and immediately. This proactive approach empowers clients to optimise their investment strategies while earning an attractive interest on uninvested cash, without any lock-ins or minimum holding periods. In turn, this enables Saxo Bank’s growing client base to respond to emerging opportunities in the markets with agility and confidence.

Kim Fournais, Founder and CEO, commented:

“We are humbled and honoured by our clients’ trust, which has propelled us to reach this historic milestone of surpassing USD 100 billion in client assets. This showcases our ability to support our growing number of clients and partners, navigate challenging markets, and deliver a robust investment experience and platforms tailored to our clients’ needs.

When we look behind the trend, we can see that clients continuously trust us with a larger share of their wealth whether it’s benefiting from our attractive interest rates on deposits, asset management solutions, or leveraging our trading platforms to seize opportunities across global markets and asset classes. 

We remain fully dedicated to further investing in improving the client experience to empower our clients with the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to thrive in today’s challenging economic environment and work towards reaching their financial goals.”

Saxo Bank recently announced it had received a BBB rating with a positive outlook from S&P Global Ratings, according to the bank’s first-ever rating report.

In addition, Saxo Bank is currently in the process of being appointed a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) later this year by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA). The SIFI designation is given to financial institutions that are considered critical to the functioning of the financial system.