New CFDs to trade at Liquid Markets from Single MT4 Account

Recently in the news,  regarding the official opening of its new offices in Portugal, which have been opened in response to the company’s rapid growth and expansion in the region, Liquid Markets has announced that it is now offering investors more CFD trading instruments, including CFDs on stock indices, bond and commodity futures via its friendly, innovative MT4 trading platform. The entire list of CFDs on offer is immediately available on the Liquid Markets website, along with further information for traders who are new to these unique instruments.

liquid markets

Liquid Markets,is now offering investors even more CFD trading instruments, including:

  • Stock Indices: NASDAQ 100, DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL 30, S&P 500, FTSE 100, BEL 20, EuroStoxx 50, MIB 40
  • Bond Futures: BUND, BOBL, SCHATZ
  • Energy Futures: Brent, Heating Oil, Natural Gas
  • Soft Commodity Futures: Corn, Oats, Rough Rice

The complete list of available CFDs includes popular stock indices from the US, Europe and Asia, as well as a varied list of key commodity futures. Traders can access futures on popular volatile energy commodities such as natural gas and crude oil, as well as soft commodities including wheat and corn. Investors, who are keen to take advantage of this opportunity, can now enjoy CFDs trading with highly competitive conditions at Liquid Markets, which details all the benefits offered on its website.
This latest enhancement means that Liquid Markets’ clients now have the opportunity to diversify their trading activities and to further develop their investment objectives, whilst also trading CFDs at drastically improved commissions, spreads and margins.
Nicolas Bang, CEO at Liquid Markets, commented: “At Liquid Markets, we are constantly improving and expanding our line of products and services. This latest development marks an important step towards our goal of providing our clients with the best possible products and services. CFDs provide a unique opportunity for traders to speculate in both rising or falling markets, with a fraction of the traditional investment required through a fast and reliable trading platform.

We are excited about offering these new CFD trading instruments and about the fact that we are giving our clients the opportunity to access these key investment products with such highly competitive conditions. We will also be introducing further exciting changes and new services in the near future.”