All You Need to Know About Burial and Final Expense Insurance

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When most people think about death, the last thing on their minds is the expenses their families would incur. Burial and funeral expenses cause up to thousands of dollars. It could be worse if you leave behind loans, medical and other bills.

Burial and funeral expenses can cause a lot of financial hardships for the people left behind. This is one of the main reasons why planning ahead is essential. It will also help give your family peace of mind.

Getting burial and funeral expense insurance would be the best solution. According to the Royal Neighbors of America Reviews, it’s wise to choose the best burial and funeral expense insurance from top insurance providers. 

What is burial and funeral expense insurance?

Burial and funeral expense insurance are sometimes referred to as final expense or funeral expense life insurance. It is a helpful tool you can use to help ease your loved ones’ financial burden when you are dead. 

The coverage offered by this type of insurance is relatively low and mostly proportionate to desired funeral funds. 

Funeral expense insurance is often compared to life insurance. However, unlike conventional life insurance, final expense policies are easy to qualify for and cheaper. They are also often compared to prepaid funeral plans.

However, prepaid funeral plans involve working directly with a funeral home while final expense insurance deals with insurance providers. 

Types of funeral expense life insurance policies

Below are the two main types of policies under this type of insurance;

Burial insurance

A burial insurance policy is a life insurance policy designed to offer coverage for your funeral expenses. This is the best type of policy if you are looking to ease your family’s load when you die as burials can have a significant cost.

In case of death, it takes care of paying the death benefits of your policy. The money is given directly to your beneficiary. The beneficiary is allowed to use the money as they wish. However, the priority is burial or cremation expenses.

If any money remains, it can cover other bills like medical, legal, and outstanding debts.

Preneed funeral insurance

Like burial insurance, this type is designed to set aside funds for your burial or funeral expenses before the need presents itself. The difference is that this type of insurance covers the cost of predetermined expenses. 

This means that you have to indicate how the money will be used when taking the cover. The amount of money your family will need is calculated when taking the insurance. Some people use this policy to protect their families from the rising costs of funeral expenses. 

The money from this policy does not go to a beneficiary. Instead, it goes directly to a preselected funeral service provider. 

If you decide to take on a final expense insurance policy, you will have to pay monthly premiums until you die. Note that the market is packed with a wide range of burial insurance providers. 

Therefore, when looking for the best one, you can start by looking at reviews. Royal Neighbors of America Reviews will help you get a clear picture of what it is all about.