How Modern Media Streaming is Bringing the Humanity Back to Business

How Modern Media Streaming is Bringing the Humanity Back to Business
How Modern Media Streaming is Bringing the Humanity Back to Business

Most people who have worked or attended school for any amount of time have encountered the concept of conference calling in some capacity. It is a tool utilized in business frequently, to cut down on travel expenses and streamline schedules, while maintaining communication between employees and management. Teleconferencing has been in practice for decades, but a more recent addition to the audiovisual communications resources being used by professionals provides an even more in-depth experience for the exchange of information. That method is the video conference.

Video Group Calling – How and Why?

With many professionals already having experience with telephone group calling, it may seem like there is no need to bring visuals into the fold. After all, what more can additional technology do for human interaction? Live, streaming video can add a great deal of dimension and depth to virtual interactions, however, be they for personal or professional reasons. By allowing users to see one another, an extra degree of humanity is added to audiovisual communication, and business is made better by integrating more human brainpower and creativity into services and goods. For great video conferencing experience, you will need good zoom audio and video equipment.

There are other advantages that visual streams hold over audio conferences. According to Tech Target , some of these include:

  • Not only is the expense associated with travel reduced or eliminated, so is the associated risk. Vehicle repairs and insurance claims can be devastating to the budget of a business, and preventing these costs is important, especially for smaller corporate entities.
  • Meetings are shorter when participants can see visual aids used in presentation. Gestures and facial expressions being visible can also aid in understanding and prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications.
  • Attendance and participation are improved when participants are actively engaged in discussions. Audiovisual presentation allows for a more interactive experience and gives employees access to members of management as well outside sources, even from remote locations.

Quicker decisions can be made on major projects, and results can be mined and analyzed – as well as shared – at a much faster rate.

Many corporate entities are putting programs designed by companies like BlueJeans for group video calling to work for their companies and seeing greater effectiveness of their meetings, as a result.

Who Can Use Video Conferencing?

While group collaboration may seem suited only to large businesses with many employees. However, there are many types of professional entities can benefit from the use of video group calls. TelePresence24 offers a look at the many ways the medium can be put to use. Some examples include:

Direct marketing can be performed through audiovisual seminars, a boon to those who work in the field of sales. Similarly, inventors, developers and designers can use streaming video to present new concepts to potential consumers, be they corporate or casual customer. Small gatherings like these are simple with the use of audiovisual technology, even across vast distances.

There are more reasons to love audiovisual conferences than just the presentation of ideas. Companies both large and small can utilize the tool for training, as well. Multiple employees or new hires can be trained effectively with less financial burden on the institution, because fewer materials are needed in order to educate participants. Not only can students skip the travel often associated with training, they can often schedule sessions at times convenient for them, as well as spend less time in training, overall. Instructors are able to reach more participants, a number presumably only limited by the number of clients their software is capable of hosting at a given time. Because of this, fees for instructors are more modest as well, saving businesses more money.

The field of human resources is another area where conferences featuring videos can be extremely beneficial. By allowing employees to address human service professionals directly, there is less need for formal appointments to be made, easing the time constraints of these busy members of the corporate team. Additionally, there are more possibilities for advice and counseling available when those in contact with the human resource department can utilize face-to-face interaction as opposed to a standard telephone call. Concerns raised by workers can be addressed more quickly and efficiently than they otherwise would be by making members of management accessible through this same medium. When the boss can sit in on a meeting – even one held in another location – things get done better and faster.

Hiring can also be improved as a whole through the use of streams. By reviewing applicants as well as their applications, preliminary interviewing can be integrated into the initial screening process. In this way, employers can get a clearer picture of who they’re considering adding to their team, and waste less time in the process.

Truly, there are nearly endless advantages to the use of multi-person, multimedia communication for the businesses that put it to work for them. Bringing the human touch back to something that has become increasingly automated over the last few decades can only benefit industry worldwide, ensuring that as many good ideas as possible are brought to the table, and the smiles they cause are visible to everyone involved.