Is Mobile Trading Technology Redefining the FX Trading Landscape?

mobile technology and forex
mobile technology and forex

Since the arrival of the first smartphone which were designed with large display and touch screens, for example the first iPhone that was launched by Apple in 2007, followed by the first Android phone which was launched in 2008, has led to the creation of millions of applications supporting the multi-touch interface along with paving the way for new software innovation and designs to be considered for newer desktops and laptops.

Operating System: New Designs and Trends

Some of the biggest operating system providers, mainly Apple and Microsoft have both experienced a considerable influence in regards to all the previous and current trends in the smart device markets. Although, both operating systems (the Windows 8 and the Apple Mac OS X) have focused on bringing a more smartphone like operating system for laptops and desktops and ever since other major corporations have also centered on pursuing a more customizable design, adding more functionality which ultimately adds to the user’s mobile experience.

On the other hand, Microsoft has placed great emphasis on how a program should be organized and then launched on different smartphones, utilizing a start screen that is closely similar to a mobile interface and is similar to and aligned with the Windows Phone 8. Although, Apple has also shifted a considerable number of factors to the Mac from their operating system the iOS which includes ‘push notifications’ and a superior multi-touch handling and control.

But considering everything, both Apple and Microsoft has, as a matter of fact, have identified engaging and  applications that run on full screen as the main feature from cellular operating systems, which can also be found on the PC as well. Both Microsoft and Apple have their own app stores which are built into the operating system of the smartphones they cater to, but the credit for this goes to Apple as it started the trend by being the first OS to be introduced by the App Store in its first model of the iPhone.

On a more stylistic note however, one cannot deny the increased adaptation of certain design elements from mobile applications and their interfaces being incorporated into different ecommerce websites, both regular and responsive designs. When talking about the graphical integrity of these designs, you can see often see a minimal flat design accompanied by the use of pure iconography and hidden navigation which are becoming more popular among various ‘User Experience’ application and web designers.

This goes without saying that you can now safely say that the smartphone has far surpassed the stages expected and has now turned into one of the most powerful tools to accomplish a number of things big or small. It has now passed the stage of being labeled as a global dominator of the modern internet platform and has become something much more. One could only hope to see what’s in store for you in the future of mobile technology and its applications. The designers of the modern era are now consistently and relentlessly pursuing to utilizing their experience and design techniques are applying them across different platforms in a cohesive, complex and user-friendly manner.

Impact of Mobile Technology on Forex Trading & How it Redefines Trading

Ah yes, now you must be thinking about how these installable applications and to be more specific, those applications that have a direct correlation with Forex trading can affect the way you trade. While that is indeed a smart question, it should be abundantly clear that the consistent use of PCs and laptops is gradually declining when talking about consumer use. In light of this, major operating systems continue to align with smartphones and tablets which will definitely push common applications to follow them if they want to be relevant and be supported by oncoming, more futuristic and technological operating systems and versions.

According to experts, these aforementioned applications have now reached or maybe surpassed its limits which conveniently includes the Forex trading market where a significant number of software innovations and developments are now conveyed through various mobile phone and tablet applications or various other internet applications which can be found all over the internet.

While it is true that modern desktop and laptops will not be disappearing completely any time soon, users have now become more entwined with using mobile interfaces to trade and just about do everything else, as opposed to using standard computer applications. Brokers who do not learn to adapt to the new way of things in consumer technology will fail to keep pace with the drastically changing times.