Milestone In Crypto: Idoneus Acquires Pablo Picasso Artwork Using IDON Digital Currency

Milestone In Crypto: Idoneus Acquires Pablo Picasso Artwork Using IDON Digital Currency

Idoneus, which is building the New Economy for Luxury Assets, has announced that it has purchased an original piece of art created by the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso. The piece, Danse du ventre devant homme impassible, was completed by Pablo Picasso in 1971.

“It is my great pleasure to announce that Idoneus has purchased a piece of original artwork by Pablo Picasso, using IDON Tokens as method of payment. This is an incredible feat for any established cryptocurrency company to acquire fine art by one of the world’s most prominent artists with their own native token. This milestone is made even more special since IDON Tokens have not yet entered public exchange. The seller has such a strong belief in the vision and value of Idoneus in building the new economy for luxury assets, that the seller found more value in owning IDON vs owning a piece of art by an iconic artist. These are exciting times for Idoneus as we entered public exchange June 1, 2020 on P2PB2B Crypto Exchange.” Says Tim O’Leary, Vice President, Portfolio Development for Idoneus.

The transaction was facilitated by members of the Idoneus Portfolio Development Team and Marlissa Gardner. Marlissa is a renowned entrepreneur in the world of fine art and is the Founder and CEO of Emillions Art, LLC (showroom) in Naples, Florida, U.S.A. She worked with and on the behalf of one of her private clients who desired to sell the artwork for IDON Tokens.

“I was introduced to the Idoneus business model through a mutual acquaintance. I recognized right away the wide-ranging applications to assist various groups within the world of fine art. Idoneus has reinvented  the market for luxury assets and art is a fundamental part of the economic foundation. Buyers, sellers, collectors and high value investors are sure to benefit from this exciting new platform.  All clients will have the ability to sell their artwork for an asset which, unlike their significant artwork, is divisible to the holder or their heirs, has growing utility through its expanding economy, and can be used as a safe and secure method of payment for luxury assets, goods and services. This was a simple, seamless and streamlined transaction that was handled in an extremely professional manner by the Idoneus Executive Team. Both my client and I were very satisfied with the entire process. I look forward to helping many more holders of fine art and the artists themselves complete transactions for IDON.” Says Marlissa.

As a testament to the transaction being completed in a manner which benefited the owner of the Picasso artwork and her understanding that many more individuals within the artworld can benefit from the Idoneus model, Marlissa has agreed to join the Idoneus team as Senior Advisor, Fine Art. Marlissa brings a level of depth and knowledge of fine art that without a question will help in expanding the entire Idoneus Economy, thereby adding value to every holder of IDON in the process.

About Idoneus

Idoneus was created by leading industry professionals representing over a century of experience. Their principals have directly facilitated asset exchange and acquisition transactions on five continents.

“We are not creating a new business model with Idoneus; we are transitioning an entire global industry which has been established decades ago to the blockchain, as technology advancements now allow asset transactions of all kinds (fiat, tokens and physical assets) to be facilitated much more swiftly, transparently and securely. We are leading the luxury asset trading space with the strategic addition of a digital currency being added to the proven model of barter, which creates significant opportunity for early adopters of the IDON Token to benefit as the ecosystem grows,” the company stated.

About Marlissa 

Marlissa is a Global Fine Art Consultant working in Fine Art Asset Management utilizing solution-based skills to redefine the future options for current and future clients. She is an award-winning, forward-thinking entrepreneur with a thirst for knowledge and passion for bringing artists, owners and buyers together to secure great value and deals for all. Coming from a background in film and the creative arts, Marlissa has built a business, founded on an international network of trusted relationships in business, experts, academics and with artists and clients globally. Her network extends to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, & the United States.

Marlissa brings substantial business development relationships among Interior Designers, Architects, Private Collectors and International Clients seeking opportunity for Wealth and Asset diversity through Fine Art Asset Management. At the same time, she is embracing the move to more digital-based business models with the development of an on-line auction platform and a formal alliance with Idoneus. Marlissa’s ability to deeply understand the value and the needs of buyers from High Net-Worth individuals to financial institutions and corporates, her reputation for insight, quality and speed of execution has established her position as one of the foremost art consultants and dealers in the sector.