Matthieu Annenkov’s reports that ‘cryptoluv’ is presently free to buy on Opensea and Instagram

In the fall of 2021, Matthieu Annenkov has concluded his very first series of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). Annenkovis an artist from Moscow who is developing his  own remarkable artistic style; this consists of a fusion between abstract expressionism, calligraphy, graffiti art, and other art genres. Hence, one might perceive his work as being key for the future of adapting art to the technological realm of blockchain; not exclusively will his series be  artistically unique but because it is using blockchain, it will provide evidence of legitimacy. Nevertheless, this brings up a great deal of questions: Firstly, who is Matthieu Annenkov, and how will his work create marvels for the blockchain world? What even is a NFT, and for what reason is it so significant for what’s to come? And finally, what precisely is his NFTs collection, and how might it thrive?, In this article we will dissect why these NFTs will be significant for the future.


Firstly, who exactly is Matthieu Annenkov?

Matthieu Annenkov is an artist from Russia, who began his career when he was 13 years old. This was done through underground graffiti in the streets of urban Moscow. Although, this immediately changed onto the canvas. Subsequently, resulted in him to gaining the ability of conceptual craftsmanship, which was motivated by the sentiments evoked from the things he experienced throughout his life.

Ergo, he utilised current, local, world and his own internal thoughts to shape each theoretical painting. Shadings, shapes, and texts contained on the material are the method of communicating the emotions and the considerations of the craftsman. Accordingly, it led to what was inside the canvas, to morph into a journey of correspondence between the watcher and the artist. Matthieu Annenkov needs individuals to gaze at his work, attempting to comprehend the message that is concealed inside the communications.

What sort of work has this Matthieu made before?

Annenkov has made a wide range of work: going from street graffiti, where he began, to a more contemporary development which lies nearer to post modernism, this is probably the best method of describing his most recent artwork. The most generally perceived strategy for his paintings offers him a method of seeing the points of view and opinions that are difficult for all to hear.

The consistent changes in the patterns we see in Matthieu’s canvas are associated with his objective to connate people’s eyes to the various issues inside our existence. These include: social polarization, attack, and significantly more. Through his work, which is widely portrayed through his paintings, he is attempting to change the world.


Okay, so we have an understanding of our craftsman, yet what are NFTs?

NFT represents a non-fungible token. Non-fungible is an economical term; it depicts things like your furniture, a record, or your computer. These things are not compatible with different things since they have extraordinary properties.

In addition, NFTs are also symbols that we can use to address responsibility for things. They let us mark things like art, collectibles, and even land. They often have one official owner and are arranged mainly in the Ethereum blockchain – nobody can adjust the record of possession or duplicate another NFT into reality.

Nonetheless, in what sort of ways do NFTs benefit the art world?

The art market, which saw more than $50 billion sales last year, is to a great extent an unregulated field. The absence of guidelines is a result of the art world’s lack of straightforwardness. Unregulated fields will quite often help those with the most assets while hurting those with the least.

Therefore, NFTs are critical. They’ll give two new perspectives for the purchaser to appreciate: the present transparency, whilst also guarantee the creator a certain level of all future resales. The last point of view is particularly important, as it completely juxtaposes the conventional art world. Here, most artists get no payment for the resale of their work.

Consequently, it led to various artists to give authority to their merchants to mint the JPEGs of their works into NFTs.

At long last what is Matthieu’s NFT collection?

Annenkov’s NFT collection began with a comic pixel drawing on TikTok. Despite this, when the drawing was first distributed as a video it didn’t become viral. This was on the grounds that many people had misinterpreted this drawing. This prompted the immaculate plan to make an undertaking out of this.

Hence, he chose to make an experiment. This experiment was laid out as a sequence of ten NFTs; these were made like the plots of these photographs were controlled, disregarding the way that they are exceptionally rational. The principle topics that this series would investigate are: passion, lust, sensuality, and sexual attraction. This is moderately recent for Russia, as liberty, just arrived toward the end of the twentieth century.

How would this series of NFTs be crucial for the future?

This NFT series aims to be totally liberated from the structure it would have communicated. It so happened that in Russia they will regularly utilize censorship. Art is no exception. Any vanguard developments went underground toward the start of the twentieth century, which impacted the way of life and impression of workmanship in the nation.

Up until the breakdown of the Soviet Union, contemporary artwork was seen as corrupt, by the authorities. As a result, it made become increasingly difficult for the art world to assist artists with underlining their message; solely scholarly work and Soviet canvas were permitted to be shown to society. Henceforth, this collection’s objective is to show how a more liberal artistic expression can advantage society and urge its residence to feel free.

To conclude, Matthieu Annenkov’s forthcoming NFT series is rather thrilling for the impending future. His previous postmodern fine art underlines his capacity to use examples and tones to display the cultural inequalities in the world. In addition, his underground graffiti in the roads of Moscow highlight his range of skills as a craftsman. Non-Fungible Tokens provide the dealer with the advantage of getting a level of the resale, while the purchaser gets authenticity for their buy; it’s a mutual benefit! At long last, Annenkov’s NFT collection itself is promising because of the freedom it proposes for the Russian residents, its use of sensual and lustful images creates a feeling of advancement for individuals.