Lynkey, The Blockchain-Powered Smart Tourism And Property Ecosystem, Announces Its Listing On Uniswap

With its listing on Uniswap, LynKey is one step closer to its goal: to revolutionise the real estate and tourism industry. After the IDO, more than 40K new members joined the community on Telegram, which raised the total number of members to more than 80K. The decentralised platform offers leasing, licensing, and trading of its premium holiday property, and tourism utility for its participants. 

Lynkey, The Blockchain-Powered Smart Tourism And Property Ecosystem, Announces Its Listing On Uniswap

LynKey is an all-in-one ecosystem that is tokenising more than $8b of premium property and luxury tourism experiences in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and other parts of the world. Today, April 12, 2022, LynKey announces its listing on Uniswap at 2 pm UTC, allowing its intrinsic currency, LYNK utility tokens to be traded with USDT. Right after the listing, more than 40K members joined LynKey Community on Telegram. This raised the total number of members to more than 80K in number.

Of the many benefits that LynKey ecosystem offers to its participants, the LYNK wallet facilitates the users to hold LYNK tokens and create NFTS. These are also enabled with swapping and trading features. NFT Marketplace, which was announced in the month of March, is an innovative platform that provides exclusive solutions for enabling smart tourism. Unique products, services, and tourism experiences could be created as NFTs and traded here conveniently.

“Covid-19 had brought with it a growing demand for new digital experiences and escapism while promoting venues, properties, and exploring new revenue streams. With these avenues in mind and the power of digitisation, that has geared up over the past few years, LynKey creates an exceptional ecosystem of solutions, as a way to fund, promote, create events, games and certify validation of the properties and their glamour, and kudos in the tourism sector. With LynKey, we are defining the key features that play a pivotal role in realising our dream of accelerating towards bringing up smarter cities and fourth industrial revolution (4IR).”, says Dinis Guarda, Co-Founder of Lynkey / Founder and CEO of ztudium

After being listed over the Uniswap exchange and enabled with a liquidity pool, the users will be able to trade and exchange ERC-20 tokens at the LynKey marketplace. LynKey had announced a total supply of 1billion LYNK tokens. As a gesture of appreciation for its participants and members, LynKey announces Initial DEX Offering (IDO) event, where LYNK will be available at $0.15 capped up to 20 million in number.

“The AI data-driven protocols motivate the ecosystem in creating unique opportunities for the world demographic. While creating an interconnected platform, LynKey breaks all barriers that existed with the conventional ‘offline’ mechanisms, and that were further punctured further with the arrival of the pandemic. We are excited to be listed at the DEX, and henceforth be able to revolutionise the way we have been transacting real estate. And that’s just not all. We are even transforming travel and tourism into unique experiences to be ‘valued’ forever as NFTs”, Cindy Tran, Chairwoman of Lynkey

LynKey has access to various development and property projects by initially bringing $100 million of assets to the project and a road map of up to $8billion. Everland Group, its partner, has a subsidiary project, Crystal Holidays. Crystal Holidays currently sells holidays to its existing properties, resorts, and 1,000 other third-party resorts in Asia. With this amalgamation, LynKey ultimately hopes to bring additional tourist properties to the ecosystem so it can grow simultaneously with LynKey’s community.

LynKey will also offer invaluable services to facilitate cities to steer towards smart-city governance to make smart tourism destinations with smart amenities, a thriving economy, ancillary services, and good public transport solving issues of mobility.

About LynKey

LynKey is a blockchain certification and utility system link + key that opens solutions when you book, buy the property rights to use, and get time-sharing in resorts, hotels, marinas, holidays, and related services and utilities. It offers digitised timeshare – providing an invigorating and advanced capability to increase customer satisfaction, retention, lifetime value, and save costs.

The ecosystem envisions linking globally a community of people, blockchain developers, property and property builders, buyers, and sellers that are interested in the best property solutions, resorts, and premium tourism experiences.