Interview Paulo Pinto CEO World Top Investor COO Dif Broker

Interview Paulo Pinto Trading and Investing expert COO Dif Broker and CEO of World Top Investor.

tradersdna interviewed Paulo Pinto a Trading and Investing expert COO Dif Broker – and founder CEO of World Top Investor.

As the financial world goes through big changes some entrepreneurs have managed to go through its turbulent waters with their knowledge and exceptional sharp and aware focus in the investment and trading industry. That is the case of Paulo Pinto a passionate expert about capital markets and trading and investing.

With a background of over 30 years in capital markets, Paulo is an accomplished trading visionary and hands in approach entrepreneur that was raised on the philosophy that hard work delivers results and understand what it is required to be a good trader and investor. He has been seeing the evolution of the capital markets, firstly as a financial journalists and editor for a trading magazine and after within the industry. His experience of pre digital and after digital gives him a strong overview of what it takes to be a good trader.

As Chief Operations Officer of the international DIF Broker,  Paulo has been building a powerful multi asset broker that tries to be an inspiration to traders, and a motivation to a strong trading and investment work ethic, something that he would like as an investor, for the world of trading and investment. He is also an experienced trader and investor with a solid knowledge in all things finance. Dif Brokers offers a strong platform for trading and investing multi asset in various countries.

Paulo Pinto is also an educator of traders and investors with a capacity to explain what makes a strong and good investor. He believe in working with a focus in inspiration, something he passes to all his co-workers and is a motivational person that believes in a strong work ethic.

He has been working to build trust in his companies by focusing in a quality trading and investing to see what defines us as a global broker company. I understand that the only way to stay in business is with customers, knowing them and how to keep them.

Paulo Pinto started his career, after studying marketing and managment and economics as a financial journalist and after he shifted to the other side of the industry to be an industry player in trading and investing. Paulo was a key driver to build Diff brokers to a broad international business based in various countries and continents with its corporate website translated in 9 languages including Chinese, Russian, Polish and others. Diff Brokers was one of the first international online trading brokers, being the first white label for Saxo bank and evolving as the industry innovated and regulation became bigger and more international.

Self driven and independent Paulo was educated and got the experience of looking at trading and investment in a deep level, trying to learn the realism and challenges of investment, while at the same mastering to the core of a trader’s DNA strategy and execution. This with a confident solid method of approach that highlight practice, education and long term strategies.

Open minded but not afraid to make critical decisions he is fascinated by trading education, and created and is the CEO of World Top Investor WTI – one of the leading international trading contest, perhaps the biggest running events in live trading money, capital markets competition.

With the WTI competition that runs for years in a variety of countries around the world, traders and investors can compete with money managers and demonstrate creative investment and trading strategies that will bring them visibility and recognition in the world of finance and capital markets.

This project World Top Investor offers a hands on approach solution for serious investors who want to make a name for themselves as investors in domestic and international leagues. World Top Investor is about what makes traders excited and the awards that makes them feel so good. No just for the money. World Top Investor believes that for the successful trader the capital markets offer vaults of money in trading profits just waiting to be scooped up. Therefore a successful traders has to focus in something higher than what money can offer. World Top Investor is a competition that offers before anything recognition of being the best trader among their peers.

We asked Paulo Pinto about his career, his ventures and how does he see trading and investing and how traders can become better using digital tools and education. You can find him in his company websites and if you like a good context please subscribe / join for the next version of World Top Investor.

Interview with Paulo Pinto CEO World Top Investor and COO Diff Markets by tradersdna
Interview with Paulo Pinto CEO World Top Investor and COO Diff Markets by tradersdna