Insurance for businesses: What Will Wy Fleet Insurance Cover?

Insurance for businesses: What Will Wy Fleet Insurance Cover?

If you have recently formed a startup, there might be various business insurances of which you should take account. If you and your staff need to drive vehicles as a routine aspect of corporate work, you should be particularly diligent to check that you have the right motor insurance. It’s easy to save money on insurance when you compare quotes online with

In the UK, vehicle insurance must be at least third party standard to let you legally drive on British roads, the UK Government’s website cautions. However, if your business relies on multiple cars, bikes and vans, opting for fleet insurance can be wise from both legal and financial standpoints.

How fleet insurance can become a practical necessity

When closely considering fleet insurance, it might come to your realisation that taking out a policy in such insurance could be not just a good idea but also, in various ways, essential. One reason why is that, as the Money Advice Service implies, not all motor insurance policies cover business use.

What if you get in touch with your current insurer and verify that your personal cover does allow you to put your vehicle to corporate purposes as well? You might still see the financial wisdom of switching to a policy that would cover an entire fleet of vehicles.

This is because, when buying bulk insurance, you are effectively purchasing insurance in bulk. In other words, with every vehicle that you add to the policy, the savings get bigger. This can prove particularly crucial if you are running a startup where money can be in worryingly scarce supply.

How fleet insurance can become a practical necessity

Think outside the box to tick the box… or multiple boxes

Given the financial pressures that your startup could face, you might wonder whether there are means of helping to make fleet insurance even more cost-effective. The reassuring answer is “yes”; consider, for example, adding security features like alarms and immobilisers to your vehicles.

You could also give a specialist broker of business insurance the responsibility of perusing a range of fleet insurance quotes on your behalf. Obtaining commercial fleet insurance from Be Wiser Business Insurance would cover your staff for driving commercial vehicles in Europe.

Be Wiser won’t insist on your drivers being beneath a particular age before the insurance is put into place. Meanwhile, the actual vehicles would be permitted to carry up to 3.5 tonnes, while even accidental damage cover can be included in the overall package.

While sourcing fleet insurance from Be Wiser, you could also pick up employers’ liability and public liability, two particularly crucial insurances for businesses of various stripes. Public liability could come to the rescue if a van driver damages public or private property while journeying, while employers’ liability would apply if your staff suffer physical or material hardship in working for you. In a way, you could hire and reward van insurance to avoid shouldering these liabilities.

Neither should you overlook the worth of contents insurance, another type of cover available from Be Wiser. This cover would enable you to fund repairs or replacements for items that become damaged, vandalised, stolen or lost when your fleet is supposed to have kept them safely in transit.

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