How Can Debt From a Business Loan Be a Good Debt?

Credits allow you to access a greater amount of money than you have in savings, very useful for emergencies or to take advantage of business opportunities. But since this money is a loan, you take on the responsibility of paying it on time, including interests.

However, not everyone has the same debt capacity, so knowing it is essential when thinking about acquiring debt and not jeopardizing the ability to comply with your payments since its default would lead to future credit problems. This applies to different types of financing, including those with the most flexible requirements like ITIN loans (to learn more about it, you can visit

What Is the Debt Capacity?

The debt capacity is the maximum level at which you can borrow or acquire business loans UK. To calculate, it is necessary to consider your net income, solvency, and the current percentage of what you owe over what you have. 

When you request a loan from a bank or a creditor like Funding Circle (check out an in-depth funding circle review here), it considers your income (including fixed and variable pay), your expenses, and your credit history, which allows knowing how punctual and constant you are with the payments of your bank obligations.

Remember that before applying for a loan, it is necessary to know your level of indebtedness, both for banking procedures and to see if it is convenient for you to get into debt at that time. So, in summary, good debt is one that you can pay without feeling suffocated by the amount, responsibility, and most of all, a debt you took to obtain something better, like business expansion. A good business debt will pay itself with your revenue.

Is It Worth Taking on a Debt?

Good business debt is worth assuming. ITIN loans, for example, are the best option for undocumented immigrants. Most likely, they won’t find that type of financing in traditional institutions. Companies who offer this know the business owner’s circumstances and ask for flexible requirements.

Some good reasons to fill an application are:

To make an Investment 

Use it to train yourself professionally or make a large purchase, which would take you a long time to acquire if you only did it with your resources.

Cover a Shortage

Pay an extraordinary or urgent expense that you cannot cover with the funds you currently have but that you can pay in a short period, thanks to your income.

Acquire Consumer Debt 

Buy a consumer good or service for which you are willing to pay the interest rate to have it immediately. We recommend you avoid this type of debt or make payments higher than the established fee to pay it off quickly.

Take Advantage of an Opportunity 

In case you find an investment that will rent at a rate higher than the cost of the debt, that is, you can invest in a business that generates an income higher than what the bank charges, in a way that allows you to pay the fee and also have a profit.

Other Tips to Control Your Debts and Prevent Them from Affecting Your Economy

  • Stop accumulating debt.
  • Modify your spending habits, check very well what expenses you can start to decrease.
  • Create a budget and manage it responsibly.
  • Develop a plan for canceling your debt.
  • Don’t borrow more than you can afford.
  • Don’t cover the debt with more debt.
  • Save money regularly for emergencies, so you don’t have to borrow money.
  • Seek financial advice to consolidate all your debts into one.

While loans can be an excellent option to boost a business, you must be careful so that debt does not become a threat to your economy. Taking these tips into account will help you be wiser when getting a loan and managing your debt. We encourage you not to be afraid to ask for a business loan but to do your best to manage your debts.