Gold Reigns Supreme: Unveiling America’s Most Popular Personal Investments Of 2023

The Lazy Trader‘s study, based on Google search data, reveals gold as the most sought-after investment, followed closely by silver and oil.

Gold Reigns Supreme: Unveiling America’s Most Popular Personal Investments Of 2023

The study also shares insights on each investment option, including average monthly search volumes, and gain valuable knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

Gold: The shining star of investments

With an impressive average monthly search volume of 1,191,827, gold emerges as the most searched personal investment in the U.S. The study highlights gold’s reliability in uncertain economic times, its potential for long-term stability, and the tax advantages associated with gold investments. As Robert Colville, CEO of The Lazy Trader, notes, “Gold can be a reliable long-term investment, outperforming other assets and offering tax advantages.”

Silver: A valuable asset in investment

Securing the second spot with an average monthly search volume of 677,527, silver proves to be a valuable and affordable investment option. The diminishing silver mining activities, coupled with its diverse applications, contribute to its increasing value. The study suggests silver’s role in fighting inflation, making it an attractive investment choice for those seeking a balance between affordability and profitability.

Oil: Tapping into the liquid gold

Ranked third with an average monthly search volume of 588,808, oil stands out as an essential and globally demanded commodity. As fossil fuel supplies decrease, the study underscores the potential for substantial profits and positive returns on oil investments. In a world reliant on fossil fuels, oil remains a lucrative resource for investors.

Natural Gas: Environmentally friendly investment

Claiming the fourth position with a monthly search volume of 150,880, natural gas emerges as an environmentally friendly fossil fuel investment. With a focus on reducing fuel emissions, the study outlines the advantages of investing in natural gas over coal and gas, making it a compelling option in the face of growing environmental concerns.

Forex: Navigating the global exchange market

Securing the fifth spot with 85,112 monthly searches, forex, or the foreign exchange market, offers a unique investment avenue with global accessibility. The study emphasizes the convenience of forex’s 24/5 operation, lower transaction costs, and high liquidity, making it an appealing choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Real Estate: Building wealth through property investment

In the sixth position with 81,397 monthly searches, real estate proves its enduring appeal as an investment. The study underscores real estate’s potential for generating steady cash flow through rent and business activities, solidifying its position as a reliable, long-term investment option.

Copper: A risky yet essential bet

Claiming the seventh spot with a monthly search volume of 69,468, copper presents a unique investment opportunity. While the pandemic has slowed copper mining, its indispensable role in renewable energy positions it as a potentially reliable investment. Despite its recyclability and lower preciousness compared to other metals, copper’s diverse applications, especially in building industries and automobiles, make it a strategic investment in the long term. As Robert Colville advises, “Copper can be a risky investment, but its significance in renewable energy suggests reliability in the long run.”

Options: Strategic control in investment

Securing the eighth position with 51,448 monthly searches, options trading offers a nuanced approach to investment. The study underscores the benefits of options in providing investors with greater control and potentially lower risk compared to equities. As the act of buying and selling stocks or ETFs within a set timeframe, options empower investors to tailor their strategies, offering a compelling alternative for those seeking a more strategic and controlled investment approach.

Penny Stocks: Low-cost opportunities with high potential

Ranked ninth with a monthly search volume of 41,351, penny stocks continue to captivate investors with their low entry costs and the promise of significant returns. Despite their potential for volatility, these stocks can be lucrative if they maintain substantial growth. As Robert Colville notes, “Penny stocks, often overlooked, may be big money-makers in the future, turning a small investment into substantial gains.” It’s a market where careful consideration and research can potentially yield fruitful results.

Platinum: Enduring value across industries

Securing the tenth position with 34,533 monthly searches, platinum remains a valuable and in-demand asset across various industries. Known for its non-corrosive properties, platinum offers a diverse range of applications. The study emphasizes platinum’s ease of liquidation, providing investors with the flexibility to convert their investment into cash quickly. As Robert Colville highlights, “Platinum’s enduring value makes it an easy investment to liquidate, offering a quicker process compared to stocks or bonds.”