Forex Week In Review September 9th to September 14th

IntelligentHQ Forex Week In Review In Association with OANDA Corporation

Report by  Dean Popplewell

bio_dean-e1339923416435Dean Popplewell has a wealth of  experience: professional  trader for 10 years,  trader for four years, and head of the global trading desks at various  in Canada. Dean is OANDA’s resident currency analyst and has been writing OANDA’s daily forex blog since January 2007 as a way to share some of his forex experience with the OANDA community.

Week in FX EUROPE Sept 9-14: EUR Bulls Squeeze Retail

It has become blatantly obvious that risk appetite has improved since the Fed made its QE3 intentions known. Announcements made by Ben and Draghi seems to have removed tail risks from the market, allowing investors to become most bullish on the EUR, RUB and MXN.

Week in FX AMERICA Sept 9-14: Getting Rid of the USD Quickly

The “Big dollar” is likely to lose ground most persistently against higher-yielding EM currencies, especially those, which are considered, undervalued such as the INR and MXN. The JPY is also likely to resume gains in a world where most G10 CBanks are in easing mode.

Week in FX Asia Sept 9-14: FED is doing the PBoC a favour

It seems the Fed is doing the job of Chinese policy makers. This summer’s biggest mystery is why the PBoC has not done more to support internal growth. Analysts will tell you that Chinese industrial output and exports growth happens to be at its lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis.
ASIA Week in FX


  • Week starts with AUD and GBP MPC minutes and JPY rate release
  • EUR Germany has ZEW Economic sentiment
  • Manufacturing index are produced in CNY, EUR and USD
  • NZD has its current a/c and GDP to discuss
  • USD gives us Building and Home sales data
  • GBP has Public sector Borrowing and Retail Sales to divulge
  • ECB’s Draghi end the week at the podiumf


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