Forex Signal Provider ITM Financial Secures $1 Million in Venture Capital Funding

New forex signal startup, ITM Financial, has secured a round of funding that will help the new startup expand its worldwide algorithmic reach. The young startup up has posted 40% ROI for early followers and plans to continue its expansion into the US Stock Market.

New trend analytics company, The Internet Time Machine Project, is pleased to announce an early round of VC and angel funding of $1 million. While the Internet Time Machine project uses big data to find new trends and ideas that are getting popular online, the software, when applied to the investment markets, has been a gold mine for members. Their forex signals software has generated a 40% return in its first 7 months. “We are very pleased to have some of our new partners onboard.

It allows us to expand our product lines into US based stocks as well as commodities.” says CEO Curt Dalton. “I think the excitement of using social signals and Internet monitoring for investment guidance if very much in its infancy still. We are very proud of our forex trading signals results and look forward to having the same success in the US stock market.”

The latest release of their software, called ITM Stocks, will be available to the public in February. Due to the popularity of the SSI software, or Social Signal Indexing, the company will now apply the same algorithms and signals to US stock market news and data feeds. “Big data is the hottest topic out there. All of these companies have tons and tons of data about their clients and prospective clients, yet they really don’t know what to do with it or how to monetize it.” added CTO, Ali Khan. “You can take our software packages and overlay them on your company data, the investment world, the sports world, or whatever world you are looking to pull information from and get early signals on trends or movement.”

This would be the first time that ITM Financial, or the Internet Time Machine Project has taken funding. “We felt like with the stock market version coming out and the Forex signal version doing well, it was time to take on funding because we know now how to turn those dollars into immediate revenue.” says CEO Curt Dalton. “When you look at how you can convert targeted traffic from sources like Facebook, Google, and Twitter into possible customer, it becomes pretty much a non-decision to move forward and ramp up.”

ITM Financial is a subsidiary of The Internet Time Machine project. The project uses a massive set of algorithms to scan the internet for new trends, ideas, or products that have a growing number of mentions or discussions, yet have very results in search engines. When applied to the field of forex based trading the software has had a high success rate of predicting trade movements before they happen in the market. Their new US based stock market software is scheduled to be released in February 2013.