eToro launches the first ever Social Trading Index™ based on people’s trading performance


New York, September 13, 2012 – eToro, the leading social investment network, announced today at FinovateFall the launch of its beta version of the Social Trading Index™. This enables eToro users to create their own indices and make them available to the entire eToro investment network.  Users will be able to filter the trader rankings according to multiple criteria, such as risk behaviour, drawdown and other highly relevant performance parameters to create a unique list of traders that can then be selected to compose a user generated social trading index. Each created index will automatically update itself periodically based on the initial filter criteria chosen by its creator to select the best performing traders that populate the index.

The Social Trading Index is an evolution of eToro’s CopyTrader™ technology, which enables users to copy the trading activity of any user in the network in order to create a diversified people-based portfolio. As a result of offering the ability to aggregate several users into a single social trading index, users are able to benefit from an even more diversified and controlled investment portfolio. Through CopyTrader and Social Index people have now been transformed into a new asset class, paving the way for a social approach to investing.

“Through the launch of social trading indices, eToro is introducing a ground breaking approach where people themselves become the major asset class,” says Johnathan (Yoni) Assia, CEO and Founder at eToro. “Social trading indices is the next step in the evolution of social trading and eToro is packaging the aggregated knowledge of people into people-driven investment opportunities.”

About eToro

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