Direct Private Investment Platform For Sophisticated Investors

Direct Private Investment Platform For Sophisticated Investors

A new direct private investment platform for sophisticated and professional investors is launching today, called Capitama.

The new direct platform has been designed to bring sophisticated and professional investors and deal sponsors together; enabling investors to find investment opportunities from experienced investment professionals and management teams according to their preferences and risk appetite. The platform also helps investment sponsors and management teams of high growth companies to source investors and co-investors in a more efficient way.

Capitama has different investment areas to meet a variety of different types a sophisticated investor may be interested in. This includes Early-Stage (post-revenue fast growing businesses that are often VC backed), Growth, Management Buy-Outs, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Debt and Income, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds.

It also offers investors the opportunity to donate capital to a range of carefully chosen Social Impact and Philanthropic projects in areas such as education, healthcare and the environment. As part of Capitama’s approach, 2% of its revenue will be donated to organisations it is working with that are making an important social impact.

It is an introduction only platform and has an extensive and growing global investor network that already has an annual investment capacity of over £4.5bn. This includes high net worth individuals, family offices, private investment offices, alternative investors and sovereign wealth funds. The strength and depth of the investor network means that sponsors can seek to raise anything from £500k to £50m+.

Simon Ramery, Co-Founder and CEO at Capitama, said:

“Capitama was launched with the aim to make it easier to raise capital and invest in interesting opportunities. The rise of deal-by-deal investing to support venture capital backed businesses and new private equity firms means there is a growing alignment for what sophisticated investors want – which is to have the full discretion on what they invest in and the teams they back. Further the increasing number of scale-ups in the UK and Europe alone means that these companies need access to capital that isn’t available from the venture capital community alone so we are helping them raise capital efficiently so they can concentrate on building their businesses and allow wider access to these exciting companies.

“Capitama’s aim is to help businesses efficiently raise capital as they scale their businesses, not only in the UK, but overseas, attracting investors that have the potential to provide not just capital but add value. The power of Capitama’s business model means that we should be able to work with some of the best businesses and deal sponsors in the UK and provide investment opportunities to our investors which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. Our success in assisting Simba Sleep raise close to £20m in 2017 is testament to this and is just the start of our journey.”

Brett de Bank, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Capitama, said:

“Capitama’s extensive network gives investors the opportunity to source and ultimately co-invest with other experienced professionals who typically have skin in the game themselves and are fully aligned with the investment strategy and expected returns. We are responding to how capital is raised typically through private sources whereby traditional methods of broking deals is no longer necessarily the only way or the most efficient way to do so.”

They describe themselves as the direct private investment platform for sophisticated and professional investors. It provides private investors such as UHNWIs and HWNIs, Family Offices, venture capital firms and sovereign wealth funds access to sponsor backed investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. Capitama’s target investment areas include early stage, growth, buy-outs, real estate, debt and income, as well as philanthropic and social impact investing and donations.