Cryptocurrency Trends Sweeping the US in 2023: From PEPE Coin to Shiba Inu

Here are the top trending cryptocurrencies across the United States.

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The world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve rapidly, and 2023 has proven to be a year of intriguing developments. Cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of investors, tech enthusiasts, and even the mainstream media. Among the myriad digital assets available, a handful have emerged as the top trending cryptocurrencies across the United States, showcasing the dynamic nature of this ever-changing landscape.

PEPE Coin Takes the Lead

In a surprising twist, the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, PEPE Coin, has emerged as the unrivaled leader in the US cryptocurrency trendscape for 2023. A study conducted by cryptocurrency experts at Marketplace Fairness delved into Google Trends data for the first half of the year, unveiling that PEPE Coin has secured the top spot in an impressive 23 states. Its widespread popularity has extended across key states like California, Florida, and Texas. Launched in April 2023, PEPE Coin rapidly gained momentum, crossing the $1 billion market cap milestone in May, showcasing the undeniable power of internet-driven trends.

XRP and Ripple’s Resilience

The cryptocurrency realm wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of XRP, developed by Ripple Labs. This stalwart digital asset has managed to capture the top trending position in five states: Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. With over a decade in the market, XRP consistently maintains a spot among the top ten cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. Its longevity and resilience underline its ability to adapt and remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

Shiba Inu: The Dogecoin Challenger

Another noteworthy entrant in the US cryptocurrency trend report is Shiba Inu. Drawing inspiration from the success of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu has positioned itself as the “Dogecoin killer.” This meme-inspired cryptocurrency has surged in popularity, becoming the top trending choice in states like Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. Its roller-coaster price fluctuations, including a remarkable 240% surge in early October 2021, highlight the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

AVAX and the Rise of Avalanche

A different trendsetter emerges in the form of AVAX, the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche blockchain. AVAX has claimed the top position in three states: Connecticut, Indiana, and Oregon. The blockchain technology behind AVAX has garnered attention due to its partnerships with major corporations such as Amazon and Shopify. Launched in 2020, Avalanche’s upward trajectory demonstrates the potential for collaboration between decentralized platforms and established businesses.

A Glimpse into the Cryptocurrency Melting Pot

Beyond the headline-grabbing leaders, the US cryptocurrency trend report reveals a rich and diverse landscape of digital assets capturing attention across various states. Solana has found favor in Alaska and Louisiana, while Cardano stakes its claim in Kansas and Wyoming. Ethereum, a long-standing giant, maintains its position at the forefront, trending in Missouri and Vermont. Litecoin’s popularity shines in New Jersey and South Dakota, and HEX captures the spotlight in South Carolina and Tennessee.

An Array of Niche Contenders

The cryptocurrency trend report also highlights several niche contenders that have captured the imagination of specific states. LCX has found a foothold in Colorado, while USD Coin has made its mark in Idaho. Dogecoin’s quirky appeal continues to resonate in Mississippi, while CryptoZoo is the favored choice in Oklahoma. The emergence of Pi Coin as the top trend in Utah further emphasizes the diverse and multifaceted nature of the cryptocurrency market.


The cryptocurrency landscape in the United States during 2023 is a captivating blend of established favorites, emerging meme-inspired coins, and promising newcomers. PEPE Coin’s meteoric rise, XRP’s resilience, Shiba Inu’s challenger status, and AVAX’s partnerships demonstrate the multifaceted nature of the industry. As digital assets continue to evolve, the US cryptocurrency trend report provides a snapshot of the ongoing evolution and innovation within this rapidly changing realm.


Cryptocurrency Number of states
PEPE Coin 23
Shiba Inu 4
Solana 2
Cardano 2
Ethereum 2
Litecoin 2
USD Coin 1
Dogecoin 1
CryptoZoo 1
Pi 1



Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Marketplace Fairness said:

“While the likes of Bitcoin may win based on just sheer popularity, it’s interesting to see which cryptocurrencies have piqued the interest of crypto enthusiasts in the US the most so far this year. With PEPE Coin just only being a few months old, it’ll be interesting to see if any other meme coins gather the same quick popularity that it has achieved.”