How Crypto Has Caused A Boom In Digital Nomads

How Crypto Has Caused A Boom In Digital Nomads. Image by xresch from Pixabay

Since companies are quick to lay people off and show no loyalty to them, workers are feeling the same. They are not thinking they will work for the same company for 30 years like their parents did.

In fact, many are not working for companies at all. Instead they are living a minimalist lifestyle on the road and working remotely. They’re called digital nomads.

The advances in technology with the internet, specifically the blockchain, has allowed many people to pull up stakes and work anywhere that they have an internet connection.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency is starting to get more popular and it has caused an increase in the freedom that digital nomads enjoy. If you are thinking of quitting the 9 to 5 then read on to see how Bitcoin is changing the digital nomad trend.

Converging philosophies

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies started with a philosophy of decentralizing a currency. This means it is global and can be accessed and used anywhere in the world.

This resonates with many digital nomads as they don’t see the same borders that people have traditionally seen. The idea of a borderless currency is very popular with the type of person who would detach from the traditional way of making money and lifestyle and take their life on the road.

Technology has caught up

People have been working remotely for some time now. Yet, there are more people doing it now since it has become so easy thanks to technology. Accessing your money these days is much easier thanks to Bitcoin and others.

You can be paid in cryptocurrency as a freelancer, for example, and pay for things using it as well. You don’t need a computer, either as you can use a mobile bitcoin wallet.

You don’t need to work

Thanks to cryptocurrency there are digital nomads out there that don’t work at all. They can buy and sell cryptocurrency and make money like that. They can invest in Peer to Peer lending with Bitcoins that pays out a steady passive income. Or, they can even blog about cryptocurrency or their life on the road and make money as a Bitcoin affiliate.

The possibilities are truly endless thanks to the blockchain if you don’t want to live a traditional life.

Cost of living varies dramatically all over the world. You can take what would be meager earnings by playing the cryptocurrency market to Southeast Asia and live a very comfortable life. This is a sort of dream the earliest adopters had in mind when they launched their cryptocoins.

More security

For those companies that are seeing the trends and going for a remote office, the fact that the blockchain is very secure is reassuring. They can handle a remote workforce much easier with blockchain being immutable so it is easier to keep tabs on sensitive documents and accounts.


As the blockchain evolves and becomes more mainstream we may see even greater numbers strapping on a backpack and working around the world.

That’s as decentralized as it gets.