Citi upgrades corporate FX electronic execution platform

CitiFX Pulse, Citi’s award-winning corporate foreign exchange electronic execution platform has been re-launched as Pulse 2.0. The improved product, which updates Pulse 1.0 that was launched at the end of 2009, incorporates comprehensive improvements and upgrades across the entire platform. FOREX CHART

For example, Pulse 2.0 is now able to offer a significantly enhanced risk exposure management module and also a new structured options facility, both delivered through an entirely re-configured interface.

“CitiFX Pulse is, and has always been, about corporate foreign exchange hedging and now more so than ever as the new exposure management module provides our end-users with the ultimate degree of control across their global businesses,” said Yi Hahn Chin, CitiFX Pulse Global Product Manager.

The updated exposure management module is one of the many pre-trade services CitiFX Pulse offers and represents added value for clients that few rivals can match. It is ideal for multinational corporations as they can track cash flow and balance sheet exposure across subsidiaries, ensuring better transparency of any hedging programme. It also offers instantaneous hedging across multiple entities

The structured options product offers corporate clients a user-friendly interface but one that is backed by the most sophisticated options pricing API in the market. A user can get prices for basic structures across multiple tenors both quickly and clearly.

CitiFX Pulse provides access to 700 currency pairs both onshore and through regional hubs in almost 80 different countries with consolidated windows, reports and money management. Clients can deal in spot, swaps, NDFs and forwards, and, through the live rates panel, can resize and position up to 24 different dealing panes.