CaesarTrade FX-CFD Launches unique Newsletter in Forex Industry

Keeping to its principle of innovation in the Forex industry and focus on trader success, CaesarTrade FX-CFD has launched a newsletter appropriately titled “Inside Trading.” The purpose and intention of the newsletter is to provide insight and strategies not readily available to the trading community.

As Washington dances, the dollar is falling in value and what that means is that assets are rising in value worldwide. Since the Dollar has depreciated in 2003, the best times to have participated in the markets have been during concerted efforts to keep a lid on the value of the US Dollar according to the information gathered by CaesarTrade FX-CFD. A smart way to be informed and trade from this information is to subscribe to CaesarTrade FX-CFD new monthly newsletter “Insider Trading.”
“Instead of getting upset and wound up about things you cannot control, get our Newsletter and make money the American way. It will be the only newsletter that combines Trading Strategies, Real Trading Results and Analysis from Traders just like you, and information gathered from our global network” states Eric Harbor, ceo CaesarTrade FX-CFD.

One example noted in the newsletter concerns the reasons to trade Gold and how. Three notable reasons are: the German government now requesting its Gold back from the Federal Reserve as the US Mint has halted sales of Silver coins due to a shortage of supply with rising demand. And the largest Japanese pension fund is now considering allocating parts of its assets into precious metals. “Combining Fundamentals with a trading strategy reinforced by seeing what traders are doing well and screwing up in, we feel, is a winning formula.”
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