Buy AI Stocks’ Searches Have Skyrocketed by 341%, as the UK’s Most Googled Stocks Compete in the AI Race

– ‘Buy AI stocks’ has had a 341% search increase following companies’ race to adopt artificial intelligence.

– The top five most googled stocks in the UK include Tesla, Meta and NVIDIA.

Buy AI Stocks’ Searches Have Skyrocketed by 341%, as the UK’s Most Googled Stocks Compete in the AI Race

A new finding by UK financial services provider CMC Markets reveals that online interest in the term ‘Buy AI stock’ has exploded worldwide by 341% in the past year, encouraging the race for the top UK’s five most Googled stocks to continue to compete and develop AI. Other increasing search terms include ‘Stocks with AI’, which has a 352% increase which shows the public interest in the rise of stock development with AI.

Perhaps this will further challenge Tesla’s number one position as the most Googled S&P 500 stock in the United Kingdom.

A new study has revealed the UK’s top five most Googled S&P 500 stocks.

The study by UK financial services provider CMC Markets analysed Google data to establish the number of searches for each S&P 500 stock and its symbol in each UK area, determining which is the most popular.

Coming in at number one is the electric car manufacturer Tesla (TSLA), with 260,180 Google searches a month on average in the UK. The American multinational automotive and clean energy company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with Elon Musk as its Managing Director. According to Tesla’s latest financial reports, the company’s current revenue is $86.03 billion, a $4.57 billion increase from 2022. Musk has said his company’s AI capabilities rival, or exceed that of any company.

Number two on the list is Meta (META), formally known as Facebook, with 84,310 searches a month on average and current revenue of $117.34 billion, $31.31 billion more than Tesla. The American multinational technology company has Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO and is based in Menlo Park, California. Business Insider claims that META’s CTO said that the leaders were spending most of their time on generative AI earlier this month.

In third place is NVIDIA (NVDA), which is searched 58,250 times a month. Nvidia Corporation is one of the biggest developers of graphics processors and chipsets for personal computers and game consoles. As of 2023, NVIDIA has just over 26,000 employees worldwide and has a revenue of $26.97 billion, a decrease of $1.59 billion from last year. NVDA describes itself as the world’s most advanced AI platform with full-stack innovation in software, computing and AI models & services.

Number four is Alphabet Google (GOOG), which is searched 35,840 times a month. The headquarters is in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, and Sundar Pichai is the company’s CEO. Google’s current revenue is $284.61 billion, a $1.78 billion increase from last year. Google joined the AI race by developing an AI chatbot for its search engine, named ‘Bard’.

Finally, in the UK’s fifth most googled stock is Amazon (AMZN), with 27,720 times a month on average. The Jeff Bezos-founded company is led by Andy Jassy as a CEO, and has current revenue of $513.98 billion, which is larger than the combined revenues of the UK’s top four most googled companies. Jassy has said that Amazon intends to invest in AI across the company.

A spokesperson for CMC Markets said: “With more and more people having more access to the latest information about stocks in easily digestible forms via social media platforms like TikTok, it has become easier than ever to delve into the world of trading, and this data offers a fascinating insight into which companies attract the most interest from the British public.

Technology companies are prominent among the UK’s most googled stocks. As the focus on artificial intelligence continues to intensify, it will be interesting to see how each company’s share price fluctuates depending on how they react to technological advances and how it might disrupt their respective industries.”