BrickCoin Unveils Its Vision For An Inflation – Free Cryptocurrency

BrickCoin Unveils Its Vision For An Inflation-Free Cryptocurrency
BrickCoin Unveils Its Vision For An Inflation-Free Cryptocurrency


BrickCoin Unveils Its Vision For An Inflation-Free Cryptocurrency

The World’s First ‘Real Estate-Backed’ Crypto-Asset Combines the Safety of Real Estate Investment with the Liquidity & Performance of a Cryptocurrency –

BrickCoin, the world’s first blockchain financial platform backed entirely by the stability of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), have today unveiled their vision for a “real estate-backed” global digital currency that will underpin an entire financial platform aimed at protecting individuals’ true wealth from the inflationary impact of FIAT currencies.

BrickCoin uses blockchain as its underlying technology to facilitate the next generation of financial solutions aimed at ensuring financial inclusion for all. Unbanked people account for a third of the world’s population. They are mainly concentrated in the emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa where inflation levels are extremely volatile, and the value of FIAT currency is unable to keep up with inflation, thereby resulting in the loss of their own money’s usable value.

Lucas Cervigni, the humanitarian entrepreneur behind BrickCoin, acknowledges this isn’t just a problem facing the unbanked. “Inflation levels are rising around the globe, chewing into real incomes and savings rates, the world needs a better, safer and easier way for ordinary people to save and protect their money from inflation. Savings accounts and fixed income interest accounts are not inflation-proof and are stuck at record low levels of interest. Complex investment products such as hedge funds are typically only available to high wealth individuals and require large initial investments and do not offer ready liquidity and are vulnerable to bankruptcy.”

“By comparison, debt-free real estate has and always will have intrinsic value, much as the old gold standards did. We plan to use this to create a new inflation-proof, secure but flexible mechanism for ordinary savers to protect their wealth,” continued Cervigni.

His solution is to create an asset-based cryptocurrency, that replaces the vulnerabilities of the current FIAT currency system, and combines the safety of a real estate investment with the liquidity and performance of a cryptocurrency. BrickCoin represents the future of savings and financial stability.


Wealth Protection For All

Brickcoin’s REIT-backed coins will enable anyone to convert their FIAT currency into a stable and protected digital currency that not only grows in value, but helps more people to grow their usable savings which in turn better supports global economies.

To create the most stable cryptocurrency possible; BrickCoin has selected a reliable, stable and regulated asset to back it – commercial real estate. The regulatory control of REITs is only one half of the regulatory framework required by BrickCoin. The other half is the regulation of the central entity that manages the administration of BrickCoin, which uses a newer form of regulatory framework, that has developed over the past three years specifically for equity crowdfunding.

“We want everyone to have access to the true value of their FIAT savings no matter who you are in society,” commented Cervigni.

“We want individuals to exchange part of their FIAT money into BrickCoins so that, when they choose to convert them back into FIAT money, they will regain the original value saved in full, plus any growth. We want to help them to fight the inevitable devaluation of FIAT currencies and store their wealth safely for the future,” continued Cervigni.

Unlike other assets used to back new and emerging cryptocurrencies, commercial, mortgage-free real estate is a robust and regulated asset that is protected from FIAT’s increasing debt and inflationary cycles. For a large percentage of individuals around the world, this online platform also represents their only chance to invest in real estate.


Stamping Out Inflationary Impacts

By purchasing a BrickCoin, token holders will see a steady income stream growing at a guaranteed rate higher than the current inflation rate of their country, offering the individual a safe place to store and grow one’s wealth.

Take Venezuela for example. Inflation is expected to hit a rate of 2,500 per cent by next year. The currency, the bolivar, is so devalued that many people carry it around in carrier bags rather than wallets, and the government has declared the currency to be virtually worthless. Unlike state currencies, BrickCoin’s value cannot simply be declared worthless, nor printed away.

Although it may be too late for BrickCoin to fully assist Venezuela, it does demonstrate how the real world economy can benefit from the crypto economy and can prevent or at least limit the erosive effects of future monetary mismanagement and totalitarian government control.


Key Aspects of BrickCoin:

  • A brickcoin is a savings token bought with traditional currency or digital currency.

  • It represents an investment in a piece of commercial debt-free real estate and for many, their only opportunity to play a role in this market.

  • The real estate is held as part of a very secure, high-value, debt-free REIT.

  • Brickcoins are kept in a mobile digital wallet. All transactions are fully-managed, validated and trackable by blockchain technology.

  • Brickcoins can be converted into FIAT currency instantaneously.

BrickCoin’s white paper, which outlines their vision, the market and development plan is available for download here.