Blockchain Use Cases that Change Lives for Better

Blockchain Use Cases that Change Lives for Better

The business of the future seems like a very streamlined and well-regulated working process for every entrepreneur nowadays. One of the latest breakthroughs in the accounting sphere is blockchain. Blockchain technology literally made a big boom in every industry. Plenty of people even consider it as the biggest invention after the Internet. By the way, one of the adherents of this theory is a famous researcher, the CEO, and founder of the SingularityNET – Ben Goertzel. The blockchain concept is usually associated with Bitcoin, but, at the same time, it has limitless possibilities and can be used as the main system for any kind of business. To be more specific, there is also a great article that gives comprehensive information on blockchain use cases besides cryptocurrencies.

What Is It and How this System Works?

In simple words, blockchain is a kind of cooperative registry database, which can be reached and used by every participant of a certain group. The data here is regularly renewed and saved in the history. The main advantage of a system is its security and reliability. No one can change, delete, or make any other manipulation to one of the blocks in the chain; so, the data is fully prevented from any kind of fraud. If you want even more info, don’t miss the text by the global software developing company – Innovecs.

How Is Blockchain Used Beyond Bitcoin ?

The revolution caused by blockchain technology wasn’t done only in the cryptocurrency field. Since the system started to gain its popularity at the end of 2008, it has been involved in lots of sectors, and it would be widely used in the following spheres:

  1. Governmental. The government of Sweden uses blockchain technology for the land registry. Besides, it won’t take long for the blockchain developers to make it serve the full and honest process of elections: casting, tracking, and counting votes. Solving the corruption problem by using this system is also an optimistic dream of almost every country.
  2. Privacy and copyright. Now, you can make a digital ID, which is impossible to fake, so that you can avoid any kind of documental deceit.
  3. Artificial Intelligence. According to Ben Goertzel, blockchain technology is a useful option in decentralizing an artificial mind marketplace project.
  4. Notary services. To avert yourself from the endless hours of paperwork, you can use an electronic notary, which is also based on blockchain.
  5. Healthcare. It is one of the most important sectors for all people. The technology can be used here to enhance and fasten the treatment process by perfecting the database and storing every patient’s history properly.

Of course, it’s not a full list of the facilities provided by the blockchain system.


It is no secret that using blockchain as the platform is always easier when you’re just starting your business, but there is one thing to remember: nobody can stop the progress. The main question is how long it will take you specifically to make the future a lifestyle.