Bitcoin Collapsed for Fear of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Shadow

The bitcoin course just dropped after the news that the bitcoins, which had been coined back in 2009, suddenly went into motion. The crypto community fears Satoshi Nakamoto himself did it.

The Bitcoin (BTS) just collapsed by $200 in less than an hour, with peak lows below $9500. That’s how the participants in the crypto industry reacted to the news about a transaction involving the “historic” BTC, extracted back in February 2009.

Is it you, Satoshi?

Today, 50 bitcoins were put in motion at the dawn of the world’s first cryptovoltaic currency. At the time of the transaction, they were worth about $500,000.

The transfer between two unknown crypto wallets immediately generated a wave of speculation that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, who was one of the first – and few at the time, too.

However, if market participants can say with certainty that some wallets are Satoshi’s, then the status of those addresses is much less clear. Some analysts have already started to argue that Satoshi is not the owner of this wallet. This was stated on Twitter by a veteran of the bitcoin industry WhalePanda (@WhalePanda).

In any case, there is clearly one of the first bitcoin miners behind this translation. It should be remembered that at that time, the process of mining did not require the same impressive computing power as now, so the cost of obtaining 50 bitcoins could be a few cents, and a simple laptop at that time was enough. But now it’s much easier to convert btc to usd paypal.

For all time the given purse participated in only three transactions, and the first has been made on February, 9th, 2009 when it has received compensation for the extracted block. The second and third transactions were made tonight, amounting to 40 BTC and 9.99 BTC. As suggested by cryptanalyst I am Nomad (@IamNomad), a smaller transfer was sent to the Coinbase cryptographic exchange.

Time for fantasy

Despite the assurances of analysts that Satoshi had nothing to do with it, market participants started to speculate on the subject in a lively fashion, which immediately had a negative impact on the Bitcoin course. Crypt trader Luke Martin published a minute chart of bitcoin on Twitter, which reflected a sharp drop in currency immediately after the news about the wallet, which woke up after 11 years of hibernation.

Meanwhile, it is worth paying attention to the fact that if the assumption of I am Nomad to transfer to the crypt exchange is correct, it should be admitted that the mysterious miner, whoever it is, belongs to the Bitcoin Bull camp. He sent only a small fraction of his coins to the exchange and continued walking the rest.

However, if Satoshi himself is really behind these coins, there is cause for concern. With his millionth supply of Bitcoins, it won’t be hard to bring down the market if you want.

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