Binary Options Gamification Trading Product: Bubbles

Gamification of trading tradersdna
Gamification of trading tradersdna

New innovative Binary Option Trading Product: Bubbles by anyoption.

Towards the gamification of Trading Binary Options.
Written by Thomas A. Wright with tradersdna team

The trading industry is in advanced state of development with new innovation just coming everyday. Moreover trading has an implicit risk and some traders are somehow big risk takers. Although the art of trading is something that implies the adrenaline of looking at markets and find the best spot between the margin of profit, winning and the relative implicit risk management. A good trader has to manage both sides of the equation.

As digital and tech new innovation comes to trading, special with social trading and copy trading there is a macro trend of integrating two completely different fields to find a comprehensive solution to the trading art and how to solve the problem of risk reward and having an excitement in the trading process. As scientists and researchers have been experimented gamification brings a new possibility to trading. In general any activty that integrates gamification tends to have more engagement and positive results. Now, some trading houses are taking this gamification process to the next level. It might look odd to some of us but gamification and online trading integration is on its way and makes completely sense as technology allows to leverage different kinds of engagement.

In one of our recent posts, we reviewed the current trends of gamification in online trading and how it affects traders’ experience. 

Gamification of Trading.

Gamification trading is a technique which applies game elements and mechanics on real-world situations in trading. This emerging field has been able to capture the attention of many businesses and some brokers because it produces the desired results in less time by engaging a targeted audience to participate in the case a trader in the process of trading.

Online Trading Gamification.

The trading of securities online has become the norm after wider adoption and acceptance of internet and has been adopting of course multiple principles of social media and game theory. The popularity of online trading has been on the rise as suggested by statistics and the trend is going to continue in the same fashion as retail trading becomes more and more a way for any person to manage his savings or find new ways of using its assets. Many new traders are also entering the market regularly and most of the millennium generation are game players. Therefore the fact that gamification arrives to trading is part of this social and tech evolution.

Gamification and Online trading Integration

The key for a successful trading is stay in the game for a long time. Fast track the process and improve skills as in a high performance sports game.

As many brokers explore gamification of trading some efforts are underway with positive results that have also been achieved special in engagement and simplifying the high complex process of trading. This simplification and visualisation of markets and trends will further speed up the process of gamification of online trading.

And being very precise a lot of traders that have experienced hang out in chat rooms and forums to keep themselves updated and the ones using the booming platforms of social trading, MT4 adviser algos, and special copy trading are partly already using some principles of gamification. New traders, who want up to date information but do not know where to look for it and lack the required knowledge to succeed in online trading, will find gamification useful and a new way to elaborate in trading with new ways of doing it.

Using game elements or developing tools and technologies that could help online traders in their quest to success can play a crucial role. In here social media, algorithm trading are making things easier by sharing the latest news, graphics, trends and articles to help investors make the right decisions. There should be a review and ratings method followed to rate forums which makes it easier for traders to select the best forum to get the knowledge.

Binary Option Product: Bubbles
Binary Option Product: Bubbles

Trading Binary Options with Gamification Feature Bubbles

Shy Datika, anyoption CEO stated in a recent interview with FinanceMagnates

A great example of anyoption innovation is Bubbles. We are going to introduce a new product that is on the border between gaming and financial trading called bubbles. We are changing binary options from something that is numbers based to something much more visual and fun.

The trading of binary options has emerged in that last years and has evolving in a fast pace with a huge number of companies appearing and strengthening their offer and being now regulated. anyoption is a company that has strengthened that focus investing in resources and special in customer experience. They have a well-read blog which contains expert research, they create courses and invest in more innovative ways to improve the experience of trading. Furthermore they have been investing heavily in regulation.

In trading, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all (in contrast to ordinary financial options that typically have a continuous spectrum of payoff).

Binary options are derivatives that ordinary people can trade to quickly earn extraordinary returns. A trader speculates on where an asset’s price will go – up or down – within a specific time period. If a trader correctly predicts that gold, for instance, will go up then returns can be rather high at about 80%.

This is not an easy task though. Millions around the world are starting to trade because results are fast with the average trade lasting just ten easy minutes.

It doesn’t take a finance degree or long research, however, to get some clues as to which way an asset is heading. Just skimming the news seems to be enough for most traders to get a handle on what’s likely to occur in the markets.

Binary option trading is simple and somehow exciting to begin with but – the first and one of the largest binary companies – has been revolutionising the industry by introducing a new gamification way to trade that makes it much more “exciting” and game-like.

Binary option trading Gamification product Bubbles
Binary option trading Gamification product Bubbles

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 09.50.20

anyoption innovative gamified binary option product ‘Bubbles’

anyoption calls their innovative gamified binary option product ‘Bubbles’ and it’s likely to transform the industry and the way retail traders trade options.

Unlike most binary option products, “Bubbles” plays like a high-octane “gambling” game with all of the anticipation and excitement that goes with it. Traders simply choose an asset and amount they want to invest. Then traders use their mouse to adjust a circular bubble to determine its size and shape.

The bubble created by the Trader is then placed where it’s believed that the asset’s price will go. If the asset’s price intersects with the bubble at any time the trader wins.

The profit percentage decreases the bigger the bubble is made. And if the bubble is placed far from the likely trajectory of the trend-line – the profit percentage dramatically increases – going higher than 1000% at times. These phenomenal returns far outstrip what’s possible with the usual binary option products.

This gamified product is already attracting many traders interested in investing and making their trading and investing money work for them but who also want to experience the gamification, amusement and exhilaration they may find playing with markets.

The big difference between gamification and trading options, of course, is that anyoption is fully regulated by CySEC plus individual EU states and is based on actual market fluctuations. While global markets are going wild and investing may seem prohibitive – the fact is that the more volatile an asset’s price is – the more potential there is for serious trading value creation.

Of course it is important to underline that although Bubbles is an innovative way to improve trading experience any trader needs to consider that before deciding whether or not to take part in financial markets or any other type of financial instrument trading, must carefully consider their investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.

Binary option trading Gamification product Bubbles
Binary option trading Gamification product Bubbles