ADS Securities taps Corvil to monitor new FX platform

ADS Securities (ADSS), the Abu Dhabi based brokerage and financial services trading company, has appointed Corvil, the market leader for trade monitoring and latency management, to monitor its new FX platform. The CorvilNet solution will allow real time monitoring and greater transparency of the platform’s trading infrastructure, signifying a commitment by ADSS to ensure that it stands up to the scrutiny and tests that the industry demands.

Andrew Rossiter, ADS Securities’ Chief Technology Officer, commented: “We have built a new very high-throughput trading platform which we are launching in early 2013. Our clients demand consistent, low-latency, pricing and order processing and implementing Corvil will give us the ability to monitor our systems and networks in real-time, providing Nano-second latency timings. The complexity and speed of our new platform demands that we use the very best monitoring products. Corvil is used by several major global exchanges and tier 1 investment banks, all of which have the same quality and performance requirements as ADS Securities. Using Corvil demonstrates our commitment to delivering a new ultra-high performance brokerage system.”

Corvil will deliver measurements for Market Data, Order Flow, Quote to Order Latency and Network Measurements to ensure the highest standards of service for ADS Securities and their clients. The Latency Navigator and Trade Lens will allow ADSS to analyse these measurements via customizable business level dashboards and to report trading activity in business defined categories including per session, client, venue and gateway

“It is a great testament to the Corvil brand and expertise that we have been selected by ADS Securities, one of the fastest growing brokerages in the Middle East. We look forward to working closely with them.” said Donal Byrne, CEO Corvil. “The expansion of our footprint into the middle-east further signals the broad adoption and requirement to monitor the health and assure the performance of modern trading platforms”.