60 Top Forex Twitter Industry Profiles

Ideally suited to the split-second world of Forex trading, Twitter has become an increasingly valuable resource for traders across the globe. The speed with which information can be shared,  with bitesize tweets making it easy to keep up with the very latest news at a glance, makes Twitter an ideal trading companion – so long as you’re following the right feeds.

I’ve collected together 60 of the best forex Twitter industry profiles for you to consider following. They prove that Twitter’s not just a great place to find the latest FX news, but a resource that gives you access to the latest analysis and opinion, charts and article recommendations, as well as being a fast and easy way to connect and interact with other traders globally.

@BabyPips (33,117 Followers) – this Twitter offshoot of the popular Babypips blog has ‘Forex Gump’ providing plenty of interesting and highly educational content for those new to the world of forex – but seasoned pros can learn a thing or two too.

@FX_Button (1,904 Followers)- Adam Button is a currency analyst for Forex Live, as well as an intermarket strategist for the Ashraf Laidi blog. He tweets almost daily to provide a sharp analysis of what’s moving the markets, what they’re making of the latest political  manoeuvres, and his own FX predictions too.

@Tradingnrg (725 Followers)- Lior Cohen of the Trading NRG provides a great and detailed source for the latest news, opinion and forecasts with regard to gold, silver, oil and nat gas.

kathy-lien-hp1@kathylienfx (pictured, 18,259 followers) – She’s one of the most respected and best-known FX analysts out there, and it’s well worth following Kathy’s insightful tweet analysis and thoughts – and she regularly provides links to interesting articles, as well as keeping you up to speed with important news and events.

@ForexLive (28,930 followers) – If you’re looking for the latest  news and analysis in real time this is where to get it. The Forex Live team updates constantly throughout the day, bringing you lots of coverage of important developments, a great sense of humour, and plenty of links to fascinating articles too.

@FXstreetNews (32,329 followers) – Another 24/5 real-time FX news feed, this is the main twitter account for FXStreet. As well as bringing you the latest headlines, they provide really quick analysis of the numbers from a range of sources, covering a wide range of currencies too.

@FXDIRK (7,226 followers) – Personal twitter feeds always work best when the tweeter in question actually interacts with their followers. Dirk Friczewsky is one of these truly interactive Twitter users who doesn’t mind sharing and discussing his FX trade ideas, as well as providing some really useful charts and articles.

@forexmagnates (8,826 followers) – Based out of Jerusalem, this is a useful Twitter feed for the latest retail, institutional and regulatory FX, covering the industry as whole.

@oanda (6,908 followers) – Official Twitter feed for OANDA, a leading forex broker with a strong track record of innovation

@forexinsight (9,339 followers) – a Twitter feed operated by OANDA dedicated to providing daily analysis of trends in the currency markets

@saxobank (17,208 followers) – Official Twitter feed for the Danish investment bank and trading services provider

@tradingfloorcom (10,632 followers) – Trading Floor is a markets news and analysis website, featuring contributions from some of Saxo Bank’s top traders, economists, and analysts.

@johnjhardy (1,665 followers) – Saxo Bank’s head of FX strategy, and a regular contributor to Trading Floor, his insights into the currency markets are a must-read for all forex traders.

@etoro (37,644 followers) – A pioneer of social trading, eToro has gone from a small Cyprus-based startup to a major global player in online trading within just a few years, thanks to their innovative approach.

@alaidi (29,236 followers) – Ashraf Laidi is the Chief Global Strategist at City Index / FX Solutions, and regularly posts links to interesting news items or articles related to the latest trends in forex.

@DavidJones_IG (12,662 followers) – David Jones is the Chief Market Strategist at CFD & Forex specialists IG, and shares his views on the markets and useful articles via this Twitter account.

@IGMarkets_UK (959 followers) – Official Twitter feed for trading services provider IG, which specialises in Forex and CFDs.

@CVecchioFX (23,965 followers) – As currency analyst for DailyFX, Christopher Vecchio has plenty of views to offer up on the performance of currency pairs, and the markets generally. He’s also keen to interact with other traders on here, and is incredibly active, especially during peak trading hours, making him one of the best forex Twitter users out there.

@djfxtrader (36,035 followers) – Around-the-clock FX & global economic news from DJ FX Trader, a premium service of Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal, for fast updates on the breaking news that moves markets.

silvia@EuroWadhwa (4,261 followers) – CNBC’s euro-watcher, Silvia Wadhwa (pictured) covers the latest on the European debt crisis from all over the continent.

@World_First (8,196 followers) – Fast updates on breaking news, daily summaries and outlooks from World First’s chief economist and head of currency strategy, Jeremy Cook.

@GregaHorvatFX (3,534 followers) – Technical analyst at EW-forecast, Horvat is very active on Twitter, and very responsive to followers too. If you’re looking for Elliott Wave analysis, Horvat is the guy to follow.

@TradersLog (17,256 followers) – Portal for active traders and investors – covering stocks, futures, options and forex..

@DailyFX (60,447 followers) – The twitter account for this big portal is always busy with news and analysis.

@caseystubbs (11,403 followers) – This one’s a must, from Casey Stubbs of Winners’ Edge Trading. His level of interaction and support to traders is huge. In addition, he provides trade ideas, educational content and more.

@FxProGlobal (7,692 followers) – Forex Broker FxPro’s official Twitter account, which links to articles at their own site, as well as to other forex related articles.

@Francesc_Forex (8,308 followers) – The president and founder of FXStreet, Francesc Riverola, tweets about the industry, bank recommendations and more interesting FX topics.

@simonsmithy (521 followers) – Head of research at FxPro, with a focus on FX and macro, links to interesting articles, interacts and provides his personal insights.

@IlyaSpivak (17,041 followers) – Global macro G10 FX strategist for DailyFX, Spivak help his followers and tweets interesting market insights.

raghee@RagheeHorner (11,661 followers, pictured) – Trader, author, and currency analyst for IBFX/TradeStation, Raghee’s analysis is in-depth, and valuable for traders everywhere.

@DRodriguezFX (16,933 followers)– Plenty of daily market coverage, technical insights, charts and more from David Rodriguez, quantitative strategist for DailyFX, who specialises in statistical studies on currencies.

@DailyFXTeam (24,058 followers) – The DailyFX team’s twitter account, for all kinds of news updates and breaking news alerts.

@katie_martin_FX (10,828 followers) – Very active, and funny, tweeter Martin is the currencies & bonds editor at Dow Jones, a writer for WSJ, and a tweeter for @djfxtrader too.

@PipCzar (11,553 followers) – Blake Morrow’s FX obsession can be seen in his continuous tweeting! He’s an independent trader, chief currency strategist at Wizetrade, and loves to share his passion for FX, his ideas and his latest trades.

@MatinaStevis (28,828 followers) – Journalist with Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, Stevis is a Greek expat giving her unique views on the Greek/EU situation.

@ValBednarik (952 followers) – Chief analyst at FXStreet, Valeria Bednarik is an excellent analyst and she very active on the twittersphere.

@McarrilloFX (663 followers)– American session chief editor for FXStreet, Mauricio Carrillo is really active when talking markets and is very interactive too.

@mhderks (368 followers) – The views of Michael Derks, chief strategist with FxPro, multi-discipline investment & market strategist/economist, with 30 years FX trading experience behind him.

song@DavidJSong (14,004 followers, pictured) – Currency analyst for DailyFX, David Song of FXCM is very active on Twitter, providing views on a wide variety of currencies, links and interaction.

@ForexFactory (21,886 followers) – The twitter account of this big forex portal provides links to the hottest stories and forum threads.

@lindayueh (34,374 followers)– Insight and rapid updates, especially covering the EU, from Yueh, an economics editor for BloombergTV, BBC chief business correspondent, and author of China’s Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower.

@MahiFX (1,026 followers) – The New Zealand based forex broker covers the forex markets and provides many educational articles.

@JohnKicklighter (18,594 followers) – John Kicklighter of DailyFX is active during the US and Asian session with technical views, insights and news.

@leanco (3,162 followers) – Lean is an independent professional FX trader that has the skill to notice interesting opportunities in the markets.

@MBForex (13,101 followers) – Michael Boutros, a trader/currency strategist with DailyFX keeps everybody up to date with webinars, technical analysis and more.

@FXstreetUpdate (17,935 followers) – This FXStreet twitter account provides staff updates about interesting webinars for educating yourself.

@edjmoya (296 followers) – Insights from Edward Moya, chief currency strategist for Trading Advantage.

@FXstorm (12,552 followers) – Sophia Todorova trades, blogs and lives forex. She provides many educational insights and interacts with the followers.

@Fxflow (14,706 followers) – Boris Schlossberg is also one of the sharpest FX minds around. He has interesting market musings and coverage of events.

@IsItCoffeeYet (14,319 followers)– Tim Black is a forex trader, among other things. His carefully picked links are well worth reading.

@currensee (16,099 followers)– The twitter account of the first social network curates interesting articles from the web and is very active in conversations.

@gftmarkets (5,295 followers)– Official twitter feed of GFT with interesting market analysis and insights.

@FreshPips (4,371 followers)– Fresh pips serves fresh, relevant forex news handpicked by FX traders.

@alaidi (29,238 followers) – Personal views and tips from Ashraf Laidi, one of the most esteemed FX analysts.

@JasonForex (7,317 followers) – Very interactive feed from Jason Rogers, which you’d expect since he’s FXCM’s ambassador for social media.

@50Pips (21,775 followers) – 50 Pips is an independent forex professional, coach and mentor. He provides rapid news updates, some of which normal media often ignores. He also helps traders focus on the important support/resistance zones in the underlying high odds moves. In addition, all commentary is supported by free chats and the free weekly wrap-up videos at his blog.

jamie@JamieSaettele (39,150 followers) – Jamie Saettele (pictured), technical strategist at DailyFX, understands what’s going in the markets and in traders’ heads. His musing about market sentiment are very interesting.

@JoelKruger (13,921 followers) – Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader. He combines both skills in his tweets and shares key levels.

@ftalpha (19,030 followers)- The FT Alphaville team provides instant market news and views in addition to links to their articles.