OANDA pushes innovation in Mobile Forex Trading to Next Level

With constant innovation and disruption in the market place, expectations and mindsets have changed. Traders now expect to have have full functionality regardless of location. The good news is if you need to track the spot forex market in real time, it is now possible with free mobile apps that let you access  low spreads and quality execution. Crucial trading features to which traders are accustomed accesing on the desktop are supported: tick-by-tick quotes, order limits, and updated account balances. The apps take advantage of touch-screen platforms and other native mobile features so you can make trading decisions faster and more intuitively.

The way we do business is changing, just look around, more of our everyday business and personal experiences are happening on mobile devices. From e-mail correspondence, to conducting business tasks or keeping abreast of current events – we now have the power to use our “free” time to work and play while on the go. Forex trading is no exception to this as well, born in a crowded desktop environment, the need to react in real time is always present. Forex traders have been clamoring for a robust platform at their fingertips.

OANDA’s fxTrade mobile app allows users to quickly monitor forex market activity as well as manage positions, control risk, and monitor account status and profitability while on the go. The free app’s intuitive design makes the most of native iPhone, iPad, and Android capabilities to provide features that traders need to stay on top of the fast-moving forex market.


Oanda was among the first to build native applications for the most popular mobile platforms(iOS and Android) because more of their clients use these devices and native apps offer a great trading experience. Features like sophisticated charting, technical analysis tools, and real-time streaming prices, positions, and news feeds are available within our native apps, each tailored for a specific operating system. There is also have a mobile website (m.oanda.com) for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and users of other leading devices to access the online trading platform.

The sentiment at OANDA HQ is that its clients have largely embraced mobile trading. In the past 12 – 18 months  a growing number of customers download and use OANDA’s native mobile apps, regardless of platform.

Their behavior is interesting. Some customers sign in to the OANDA platform on a desktop first, get into their positions, and then switch to mobile devices to monitor things throughout the day. When they do, they’re checking to see where their trading positions are at, to see where their stop-loss and take-profit triggers are at, and to get out of a position quickly if the market direction turns against them. Others are using mobile apps exclusively to trade, foregoing the desktop altogether. This is a trend that is on the rise and it’s one we anticipate will continue.

“We are excited to finally bring robust desktop trading functionality to the smartphone,” said Trevor Young, Senior Director of Product Management at OANDA. “In the past three years our clients have progressed from merely checking positions and prices with our mobile app to using it to plan and execute trades. As mobile continues to evolve as the go-to computing platform, OANDA will be at the forefront of mobile trading technology design with our commitment to provide the types of trading experiences our customers expect from a trusted forex innovator.”

There are no longer any compromises when it comes to mobile,” . “With this new version of our trading app, we’re providing our customers with what they want: a robust platform at their fingertips and a great trading experience, no matter where they are. We’ve seen a strong increase in downloads and use of OANDA’s native mobile app in the last 12 to 18 months, and today’s product keeps our clients at the forefront of this industry trend.”– CEO K Duker

OANDA Corporation has been busy transforming the business of foreign exchange through an innovative approach to forex trading. The company’s award-winning online trading platform, fxTrade, introduced a number of firsts to the marketplace, including immediate execution; instant settlement on trades; trades of any size between one unit and 10 million units; and interest calculated by the second.

Here are the key features of this new version:

  • Advanced charting functionality that allows users to overlay various technical indicators for enhanced price-data analysis
  • Customizable charts in a greater range of intervals (ranging from 5 seconds to 1 day)
  • Full visibility into price action from a single screen, with continuous display of current prices even when manipulating chart parameters
  • A sleek user interface that allows easier chart navigation, one-handed chart manipulation, scrolling trade history, and pinch-to-zoom capabilities
  • Streaming news feeds from top providers such as Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, 4Cast, and UBS Analysis (iPhone and Android only)
  • Push notifications for limit orders, stop loss and take profit actions, margin notifications, and price alerts (price-alert notifications are not available on iPad)