The New MarketsPulse CRM: A 360-Degree View for Binary Options Brokers

MarketsPulse the global finance and trading technology provider announced that has introduced a new CRM tailor-made for Binary Options operations.

MarketsPulse, recognised for being the leading Binary Options Enterprise Solution Provider, offers brokers technology solutions with the ability to have full control of their operation in the most simple and efficient manner, while accessing a full view of traders’ info in one click.

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The new CRM solution is designed to efficiently work with the Binary Options operation by enabling easy management of information flow. The systems’ automated updating process and powerful tools provide sales and retention strategists the capability to execute a business plan with ease. Furthermore, the system’s flexibility allows brokers to adjust the technology to support their business logic.

“The system was strategically built using our vast experience combined with MarketsPulse clients’ and industry expert feedback,” says Ravit Friedberg, Director of Products at MarketsPulse. “The development of MarketsPulse CRM was designed to offer flexibility to accommodate the uniqueness of each of our clients. This robust CRM system provides the well-rounded suite for all brokers wanting to penetrate the highly competitive market of Binary Options. ”

Top Binary Options source

Top Binary Options source

Furthermore, the CRM allows broker to customize workflow through creating roles for user groups, including a hierarchical tree of roles that allow specific fields to be displayed to task managers handling trader support, satisfaction, and/or retention. The automated workflow tool can be customized to assign leads to specific agents according to different preferences, send automatic alerts and reminders, and much more, the possibilities are endless. Being the first of its kind, designed for Binary Options, the flexibility is what makes this CRM an attractive addition for any broker, since it accommodates to operational expansion as traders’ interest in Binary Options increases.

MarketsPulse CRM has the tools and capabilities for brokers to have a robust system to manage their most valuable asset, traders. Brokers can learn more about the MarketsPulse CRM for binary options at

MarketsPulse is the leading binary options enterprise technology provider that combines great web engineering with a deep understanding of global financial markets.

MarketsPulse offers technological solutions for binary options operations, including a stand-alone and a fully integrated solution that is completely installed on-site, providing confidentiality of data and a customizable trading experience.

Working with regulated companies worldwide, the technology is ready to be compliant with regulators across the globe.

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