New Market Views Podcast Shows You The Latest Trading And Investment Strategies

Hilton Supra, Vice President of Ztudium Group and, in collaboration with Adam Hill and Peter Kristensen, from JP Fund Services, launch Market Views podcast. In this new series, the three of them discuss the latest financial and trading news with veterans and industry experts. The first episode features founder and CEO Dinis Guarda. With new episodes released weekly, the podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil and JP Fund Services.

With the global markets constantly evolving and investment opportunities arising across various sectors, it is crucial for investors to stay informed and make educated decisions. The evolving technological landscape also brings in some complexity within the existing financial market structure. This creates an immediate need for platforms that help investors of all levels to gain valuable insights and knowledge from seasoned finance experts and industry insiders.

Market Views is designed to cater to the needs of both seasoned investors seeking to refine their strategies and newcomers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics. Hosted by Hilton Supra, Vice-Chairman of Ztudium Group and a veteran expert of Hedge Funds and investments, Market Views covers a wide range of topics, including market analysis, investment strategies, portfolio management, and more. Each episode features insightful interviews with prominent guests from the finance industry, who share their expert opinions and insights on the latest developments in the market.

Presenting the key focus areas of the podcast, Hilton Supra said: “With some spectacular failures like FTX, and trends like Fed and Inflation, it is imperative that we unpick, understand, and examine why things happen. This podcast is a journey that puts key lessons and opinions both from traditional and modern financial markets and helps investors to make intelligent and informed decisions so that they can navigate such rapid change towards associated risks and opportunities.”

Market Views: Latest financial news and insights

Financial literacy is an essential component of personal and professional success, yet it is often overlooked, impacting many people who lack the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions about their finances. This gap is further exacerbated by the rapid advancements in technology, which have introduced new and complex financial instruments and strategies.

Market Views podcast aims to bridge the knowledge gap by providing accessible and relevant information about capital markets, trade, and investment. Through engaging discussions and interviews with industry experts, the podcast seeks to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the dynamic world of finance.

The guests featured in this partnership bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, providing listeners with unique insights and perspectives on various aspects of the financial industry. Dinis Guarda, CEO of Ztudium Group was one of the guests in the first episode of the podcast. Commenting on the need of Market Views podcast, he said: “There is an incredible lack of financial literacy, and when it comes to investment and trading, there is a huge gap between the knowledge that is available to masses and the current trends, especially with the advancements happening in technology at the speed of light. This partnership highlights a lot of learning opportunities about capital markets and trade and investment, especially with the wealth of knowledge the guests bring with themselves to demystify various existing notions within the industry.”

Market Views will explore the new market trends and strategies

Notable financial discussions play a vital role in helping individuals understand market trends and strategies as they offer a unique perspective that is accessible and convenient. Market Views podcast aims to engage with expert hosts and guests to share their knowledge and insights on various market topics. These discussions will be focussed to provide a platform for in-depth analysis, real-life examples, and practical advice, which aids listeners in grasping complex concepts in a more conversational and relatable manner.

Market Views podcast envisions providing an impartial and informed perspective on financial matters by featuring experienced financial professionals. This approach ensures that listeners are presented with the most accurate information available, helping them to make more informed decisions.

Key financial expert, Peter Kristensen, JP Funds Services, said: “If you want to invest money, you need to spend a bit of time on doing due diligence, which we all do. Through these discussions, we get to know who is actually behind these strategies, necessary to make informed choices and risk assessment for our investments. When you like a particular strategy, you can always go deeper into it.”

The first episode is now live on citiesabc YouTube Channel.