New Event in London Gathers Funders And Venture Capitalists To Be ‘At the Forefront of The Blockchain Disruption’

New Event in London Gathers Funders And Venture Capitalists To Be ‘At the Forefront of The Blockchain Disruption’

While blockchain is starting to get detached from their cryptocurrency origins, digital coins can’t really get away from blockchain, and maybe that’s the best news in these uncertain times. In fact, blockchain can be crypto but, also, it can be the back-end of an app or the user’s database of an electric grid. Possibilities go as far as human endeavour, although with special attachment to financial ends. That idea, of blockhain being as capable by itself as it can be, is where the Crypto and Blockchain Rally – Funders and Venture Capitalist Meeting event has been based on to promote and leverage new ways of funding and investment. Whether they are linked to cryptocurrencies or following a totally different path.

This event is in collaboration with the newly formed British Blockchain Advisory Council (BBAC). They follow a simple but effective motto: a vision where “together we will conquer, whilst alone we will not make a difference”. For them, this is a chance to be at the forefront of new funding methods that may disrupt the traditional investment processes:

“We are a group of Blockchain masters with a vast entrepreneurial experience and financial network. The BBAC’s mission is to develop an environment and evoke awareness among enterprises, developers, businesses and society by training them in the Blockchain space,” said the host, the British Blockchain Advisory Council.

Nonetheless, their goal is to help collaborations in progressing growth of projects and bring knowledge in the community. The core team renders holistic solutions to their clients and carryout extensive upfront research according to their business needs.

This event comes along with the emergence of security tokens in the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) space i.e. the digital asset and blockchain technology space signifies an evolution in the radically new field of token economics.

ICOs and blockchain based crowd funding methodologies have demonstrated a significant capability for disruptive activity in technology funding and development. However, the lack of clarity in the nature and function of utility tokens has led to significant decrease in demand due to the uncertainty generated by their regulatory ambiguity.

“We at British Blockchain Advisory Council visualise saving our members from marketing adversaries. Our unflinchingly familiar and genius individuals and useful introductions differentiate us from other non-collaborative groups. We have collected and developed a social cognisant, devoted extensive readership,” the host pointed out.

This event, taking place in London on December 11, will present a platform for everyone to network and share ideas, opportunities, collaborations, funding options and anything one would wish to explore in an open forum as the future of funding and how the token economy will usher in a new era in funding opportunities and challenges. Besides, the venue couldn’t be more suitable, a magnificent Georgian building in the heart of London, just moments from some of the city’s most sought-after spots. Opened in 1828, it’s now home to the Institute of Directors. (IoD)