Launches its Own Social Trading Tool Powered by Leverate

Social Trading Moves Launches its Own Social Trading Tool
Powered by Leverate

These days, Forex social networks have become extremely popular among enthusiastic traders.  No surprise then as Cyprus based launched its own Social Trading Tool powered by Leverate. Following the success of firms such as eToro with its own FX social networks, which has resulted in greatly increased traffic to their websites (and ultimately, increased trading activity)  other FX firms are globally looking at adding their own proprietary networks, as well as linking into third party independent FX social networks such as Currensee, Myfxbook and FX Junction and Oanda FXUnity.’s social trading platform is powered by Sirix – an evolution in retail trading that features built-in sophisticated social trading capabilities. Sirix is a comprehensive and fully-branded trader designed from the ground up for brokerages. will be the first brokerage to launch Sirix. markets-logo

The forex industry that accounts for around 60% of the total volume of capital markets has been busy innovating and taking social media very seriously. is the lastest player moving to social media FX. With the adoption of Sirix retail trading software available on web, mobile and tablet platforms choose the Israel based company Leverate (that has been working diligently in the profitable niche of Metatrader).

Leverate is partly owned by Saxo Bank and has relations with a lot of Forex key players. Sirix is fully integrated with each broker’s trading platform (MT4), brokerage website, CRM and additional backend systems. All trading platforms are streamlined and fully synchronized, resulting in zero latency. Sirix is user friendly and features a shared wallet and unified login details across all platforms: one username and one password.

Sirix is an integral component of LXSuite, Leverate’s complete package of private label brokerage solutions. Leverate also offers Sirix as a standalone product. Sirix is fully branded according to each broker’s look and feel, complete with logo, colours and other customization.

“Sirix answers to the new social trading paradigm,” says Co-CEO Ran Strauss. “Social trading is a must-have feature for every brokerage. Although still in its inception, social trading will only continue to grow rapidly – eventually rendering those brokerages that lack social features obsolete.” Sirix brings the social trading evolution to brokerages everywhere. An intrinsic part of the Sirix trading environment, social trading is an invaluable marketing tool for brokerages and provides great opportunities for traders. Traders may follow and copy other users and learn from more experienced traders. Sirix social engages traders and increases conversion and brand loyalty to the brokerages. Leverate is pre-releasing Sirix Social with key introductory features. Full social functionality will soon be available following community growth.

Cyprus-based retail FX broker joins now the disruptive social revolution in FX, by launching its own social trading tool. This for sure will highlight its aggressive strategy to grow its markets and move to the next level of creating a bigger brand and getting more share of the profitable Forex retail industry. With this move and platform based on Leverate’s Sirix FX social platform it seems as though, is heading in the social business direction whilst taking a  low-key approach to social trading, basically allowing traders to view and copy other traders’ transactions, without adding a full social network experience (chatting, forums, etc.). That of course could be added later.

Forex traders are using social media more often, especially Twitter and Facebook, and are taking social sentiment quite seriously. It will be interesting to see what other big players Saxo Bank, IG Markets, GFT Markets, Citi Index will be doing social media wise? So far, the only big global player to incorporate social media trading significantly has been Oanda.
These are definitely challenging and exciting times. With additional entrants eyeing this space, what are the future social media moves inside the general capital markets industry?