Insights On Crypto Companies: Relex, Where The Real Estate Market And Crowdfunding Platforms Collide

Insights On Crypto Companies: Relex, Where The Real Estate Market And Crowdfunding Platforms Collide
Insights On Crypto Companies: Relex, Where The Real Estate Market And Crowdfunding Platforms Collide

Cryptocurrency is headed mainstream. It is becoming more and more of a currency, with a splash of stock and a splash of fiat, the digital tokens are truly coming front and center, and proof of that is Relex crypto crowdfunding platform.

Relex is a real estate development cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, at least officially. The company went even further recently when it announced that it has successfully executed its first investment transaction for the groundbreaking development project on its platform, My Thuy International Port.

“This historical investment is the first-ever real estate/infrastructure development bridged by digital currency in which cryptocurrency is sourced by investors to facilitate the development of a real-world asset. This real estate model, unlike any other funded infrastructure of this magnitude, is being used for the betterment of the global economy and to enhance cross-border FDI” said Keith Hilden, Founder of Relex.  “This funding event today is a true representation that the Relex model works from A to Z.” Relex CEO Oksana Lozytskaya and Founder Keith Hilden were present during the investment signing ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The Relex Model uses crowdfunding and cryptocurrency, which enables greater transparency for investment transactions that could be more risky. This model not only speeds up the real estate investment process, but also allows for monitoring and greater control over the many different stages of development. The ease of utilizing cryptocurrency enables investors to work from the same medium of exchange, that being the RLX token.

The owner of the My Thuy International Port, Jung Tae Sung, will offer all investors the same fair investment per share as the first investment transaction. Mr. Sung has also encouraged the formation of an Investors Working Group to have an open discussion on what investment incentives Relex proxy developers and investors would like to see to encourage continued investment via this new channel. Representation on the board of the seaport itself is also a distinct possibility and opportunity for some of the major Relex investors, or those who represent the Relex investor group via board representation.

“Today is a historic day, as this highly symbolic investment officially bridges the world of new digital economy with the traditional real world economy, by leveraging cryptocurrency and blockchain technology via crowdfunding within the investment process to better facilitate more efficient cross-border FDI into rapidly growing countries such as Vietnam, and in so doing tap a new investment stream to breathe life into one of Asia’s most vital future seaports. It brings forth a new era of investing via new digital economy, and ushers in a significant shift of how the world approaches global FDI investments for new development projects.” continued Hilden.

The My Thuy International Port is located within the Southeast Economic Zone of Quang Tri province in Vietnam, and consists of a group of projects that encompasses a seaport, a thermal power plant, a cement plant, a logistics business, and a sodium silicate plant, available for investment to eligible Relex investors. Total investment amount for the project in total will exceed over $600 million USD, across 3 main construction phases.