How To Find Out What Your Old Precious Metal Jewelry Is Worth

How To Find Out What Your Old Precious Metal Jewelry Is Worth

Did you know that the most valuable diamond on earth is the Hope Diamond, which is worth almost $250 million? Many people wonder if their inherited jewelry is valuable and want to know the answer with the need to get it appraised by a professional. This could seem like a mystery to get to the bottom of the value of your precious metal jewelry.

While some people might enjoy a good mystery, sometimes it is better to find out what the fair market value is of your jewelry without the hassle. The good news is that you’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking to learn more about the value of your precious metal jewelry.

Keep reading this article to learn about the different ways to discover if your inherited jewelry is valuable.

Test Your Precious Metal Jewelry

A quick and easy way to find out if your precious metal jewelry is valuable is to test the metal. It is tricky to tell the difference between plated gold and solid gold if you’re not an expert and don’t want to get your jewelry appraised. This is a big deal as solid gold jewelry is much more valuable than plated gold jewelry.

There are two things that you can try if you’re wanting to know how valuable your jewelry is. The first approach is to place a magnet close to your precious metal jewelry. This will help you to determine if your jewelry is valuable because gold is not magnetic.

If you try using the magnet and your gold jewelry doesn’t react to its presence then that is a good sign that it is solid gold and worth more money. You can also apply some liquid foundation to the piece of jewelry and see if it leaves a black streak on the precious metal jewelry. If that is the case then it is likely to be real solid gold and you’ll want to start looking up the price of gold.

Look at the Stones

Another great way to determine if your jewelry is valuable is by looking at the stones that are set into it. A major red flag that you could encounter is discovering that the stone is glued onto the precious metal of the piece. Valuable jewelry uses prongs that hold the gems or stones in place on the piece of jewelry.

The trickier part when it comes to looking at the stones is determining the type of stone. Many people can get fooled by a nice piece of cubic zirconia that looks just like a diamond to the casual observer. If you’re not sure if it is a diamond then you need to run the piece through the sparkle test.

You won’t need any equipment in order to put the piece through this test. Start by holding the piece under the light of a lamp and looking at the ways that the light reflects off of the surface of the stone. You should see brilliant sparkles and the reflection of light that is impossible to miss.

If your inherited jewelry is dull and doesn’t do a great job of reflecting this light then you’re the owner of a piece of jewelry featuring cubic zirconia.

Check the Age

Checking out how old your inherited jewelry is might be another great way to discover how valuable your precious metal jewelry is. In general, older jewelry is worth more than newer jewelry. There are many factors that play a role when determining the value of a piece of jewelry like the type of cut, the size of the stones, and the manufacturer that made the piece.

Antique jewelry does a great job at being worth a lot of money, though you’ll need to make sure that the piece is older than 100 years if you want it to qualify as antique jewelry. Odds are that an antique piece of jewelry got crafted with the best craftsmanship possible using materials that are of a higher quality than those used today.

There is also a lot of value that comes with vintage pieces of precious metal jewelry. You’ll get more value if you can prove these pieces are from a certain era, by a particular manufacturer, or used for a certain purpose.

Determine the Brand

You can also try to figure out the brand of the precious metal jewelry as a way to determine how valuable it is without the help of an appraiser. Any pieces of jewelry that are marked with a brand are great because it shows that they were created by a particular craftsman or designer.

You can try to figure out the brand by using some technology and a camera. Set your piece of precious metal jewelry on a white piece of paper and take a picture of it. You can then use Google to reverse image search your ring to find others that are similar and compare the brands.

Make Sure It Is in Good Condition

If you’re wanting to be sure of the value of your jewelry then you need to make sure that it is in good condition and meets the replacement value. A huge factor beyond the age and size of a piece is often how good the condition is. A piece of precious metal jewelry that needs repairs or has significant damage will sell for much less money than a piece that is in mint condition.

If your piece of inherited jewelry has some damage to it then you should do your research and find out if it is worth it to get it fixed before trying to sell it for fair market value again.

Sell Your Precious Metal Jewelry Today

It is always exciting when you discover that you’ve found or inherited jewelry but there are things that you need to do to find out if your newfound precious metal jewelry is valuable. Look for a brand or a maker’s mark to figure out the company that made it, and try to determine if it is solid gold or plated gold using a magnet.

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