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Colin Lloyd
Associate Editor

Colin Lloyd is an investor relations specialist with Cambridge Capital Management. He has been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. He has worked for brokers and asset managers in commodities, money markets, capital markets, equities and foreign exchange. His interests include, but are not confined too, geopolitics, central banking, energy policy, regulatory change, demographics, technology and capital flows. He is an Investment Writer specialising in macroeconomics and the financial markets.
He is a member of the advisory committee of Asian Alternative Investments Network. He has been working in the financial and commodity markets since 1981. Colin started his career in physical commodities moving on to a futures and options brokerage in 1987. He was involved in the development of brokerage businesses in interest rate and credit default swaps. In 1999 he transferred to equity swaps and CFDs where he developed a synthetic prime brokerage business. He was also involved in the development of portfolio trading, equity finance and capital introduction.
In 2006 he became Head of Investor Relations for a managed futures fund. In 2010 he established his own alternative investment consultancy advising hedge funds on sales, marketing and business development whilst assisting in the capital raising process. Between 2011 and 2014 he was involved in the development of Mako FX/Liquidity Pool, a Spot FX ECN liquidity solution for Banks & Brokers. Since 2013 he has been writing investment research ( In 2015 he joined Cambridge Capital Management with a broad investor relations mandate.