David Kinnear

David Kinnear is an accomplished adviser on corporate strategy & growth via global sourcing methods, David is Managing Director and Sr. Adviser to GreenPoint Legal, assisting the organization with its expansion in the US marketplace. He is the former Founder and Chairman of The Global Sourcing Council and a partner in GSSOCX, a global community for professionals in shared services, outsourcing & consulting. He is a co-founder and Board Member of CliXLEX, a cloud-based process automation technology. An attorney by trade (a qualified UK Barrister), David has worked for leading law firms Masons and Linklaters in London, specializing in major construction & engineering contract management & litigation. In 1995, he relocated Credit Suisse’s Banking & Support Operations into its new global headquarters, and then managed significant global outsourcing, shared sourcing and process efficiency initiatives during his subsequent tenure. Afterward, he moved to the provider side, working extensively with the UK, US, Philippines and China during his time with the Black Mountain Group and subsequently. David is a member of the Bar of England and Wales. He lives in New York. LinkedIn: /www.linkedin.com/in/davidkinnear