FXCM, Leverate, FXTG and ADS Prime on Finance Magnates

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FXCM, Leverate, FXTG and ADS Prime on Finance Magnates

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FXCM, Leverate, FXTG and ADS Prime on Finance Magnates

Major Investors and CEOs Talk First with Finance Magnates
FXCM, Leverate, FXTG and ADS Prime are among the firms that appear in last week's top articles.

During the passing week we have reported many stories from the online trading world but a few made more impact than the others. Among the most important articles last week, two were exclusive interviews from top figures, one long established and one new to the industry.

Brand New Energy
On Sunday we brought you an exclusive interview with Simon Kukes, the oil man who bought 12.5% of trading brokerage technology provider Leverate.

Dr. Kukes is one of the most well-known figures in the Russian petroleum industry having served as Chief Executive of Yukos from 2003 to June 2004. He offered our readers a look at how he sees the online trading market.

One on One with Drew Niv
On Tuesday FXCM CEO Drew Niv shared his thoughts on a few topics in a lengthy interview with Finance Magnates, among them why retail forex traders are able to source optimal pricing.

Niv explained that there is this misconception in the market that institutional customers are priced better than retail traders, stating “retail trader chatter believes they are getting lousy pricing, and this is a common misconception.” Niv added that among industry professionals, everyone knows that retail pricing is superior.

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