Fintech Industry Outlook 2016

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Fintech Industry Outlook 2016

Postby investorsdna » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:02 pm

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Great insights about the Fintech Industry Outlook for 2016 in an infographic!

Financial Technology or FinTech is everywhere; with the delivery of products and services that are actively disrupting and innovating the global economy as we know it. Spanning across verticals, be it from payments, lending, research or equity financing; FinTech continues to transform the world of finance.

The FinTech Industry Infographic presented by Call Levels and designed by Savvy Beaver Canada presents an overarching view of the innovations and key players expanding the FinTech landscape.

Great inforgraphic and data to understand how Fintech is becoming the default new ways the Financial and Trading industry works. It disclaims the value of investments worldwide, local investments, top VC firms and more important investors and top influencers.

*All market data correct at the time of December 2015, as per the relevant source(s) noted within the infographic
Source page: ... aphic.html

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